Matchday 10: Energie Cottbus – FC Sankt Pauli 1-4!

Posted: October 1, 2011 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Scottish Shower!!! This WAS Sankt Pauli!!!

After last week’s disaster at home, a compeletely different FC Sankt Pauli (yes, we played defense too!) made fun out of Energie Cottbus (sorry Angela!) and manage to win in the end with the emphatic 1-4! In contrary with last week, this time the team took adavantage of the early goal scored by Schachten (after a boring first quarter) and managed to secured the result before half time whistle blows by the usual suspect Max Kruse. Two more by Super Marious in the second half and that was it… OK,  we didn’t play world class football, but the team was all along concetrated in the field and managed to get away with an eaaaaaasy win!

Next week, we have a DERBY vs Fortuna Düsseldorf. If  we want to keep on the front seat and not lose contact with the top, we have to avoid losing this – a win is the goal of course, but not match time has passes since the Aue defeat – keeps fingers crossed!

Match Goals:

0:1 Schachten (17′, Header, Gunesch)
0:2 M. Kruse (43′, Left pass, Bartels)
0:3 Ebbers (76′, Right pass, Boll)
1:3 Ludwig (81′, Header, Reimerink)
1:4 Ebbers (86′, Header, Ebbers)

Spectators: 15000

Sankt Pauli cards:
Until next time…

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