Matchday 12: FC Sankt Pauli – FSV Frankfurt 2-1

Posted: October 23, 2011 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

The Terror of Millerntor again…but this time with a happy ending!

Yeps, we finally made it! Won again at Millerntor but in order to do it we had to survive the last quarter while being constantly hammered by a team that saw the opportunity and tried to grab the point until the last second. To make a long story short, after being saved by Tschaunerin the opening seconds, the team again got the (very early this time) lead by Max “Who else?” Kruse with a little help of an FSV defender leg. Good football until minute 30′ when Naki (raged on his comeback!!!) scored another and made us think that we ‘re going for an easy afternoon… Naaaaah… not for St. Pauli! FSV started increasing the pressure and the last 5 minutes of the second half were a living hell for the FCSP defense! You must see the 42′ double post – a true highlight classic… Fortunately we survived first half intact.

Second half until the 76th minute passed with a few chances from both teams and the impression that mission acomplished. On 76’ Gaus executed from close range Tschauner kicking of a completely different game for the remaining quarter. From this point FSV started attacking in waves while almost the entire FCSP squad locked back in the defense trying to avoid the equalizer and the accompanying fiasco. A combination of luck, will and ability allowed us to avoid it. The full time whistle sounded like a true redemption for the  squad and the crowd that packed Millerntor once more…

Next week, dangerous mission to Berlin. Away game – let’s kick ass and get the win Kamikaze style! The Honourable St. John will provide statistical figures along the way – good luck to the team!

Match goals:
1:0 M. Kruse 3′
2:0 Naki 30′ (Assist: M. Kruse)
2:1 Gaus 76′ (Assist: Chrisantus)
Spectators: 24487
Sankt Pauli cards:
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