Matchday 14: FC Sankt Pauli – SpVggGreuther Fürth 2-2

Posted: November 6, 2011 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

The perfect sucide…

Everybody could smell victory. The clock reached last minute, team was ahead, opponent was outnumbered… Then Occean (as a result of a counter attack while we were on top!) reminded us that nothing is over until it’s over…

Both teams got in the field aware of the game’s significance. After an early super save by Tscauner (3′) we watched a very balanced and sometimes hard game unti almost half time when Nöthe (44′) finished …a counter attack and out of the blue sent us in the dressing rooms wondering what and when it happened…

Seems that during half time coach Schubert decided to do something about it and put Daube in the field for the second half. Before 10 minutes pass, Daube (54′) paid back the trust with the equalizer. Team started to believe it and the coach made a second move by throwing in Saglik on 71st minute… 4 minutes later the Turk did exactly the same… 2-1 on 75′! Things got even better on ’81 when Pekovic was sent off with a second yellow card and the clock was ticking towars a decisive victory until 90′ – the rest of the story is known… OK, bad defending but tough luck as well… the team deserves a thumbs up…

Next week, we have a break but, right after the this, we go…ROSTOCK!!! YES, the time is again here! No words, no fuzz, just do the job done!!! Nail once more the Totenkopf and replace their fucking corner flag and BLOW AWAY their Kavala like pathetic sailing boat! No prisoners – send them back to Liga 3 to meet Sankt Pauli II next year!!!


Match goals:
0:1 Nöthe 44′ (Assist: Schmidtgal)
1:1 Daube  54′ (Assist:  Boll)
2:1 Saglik 75′ (Assist: M. Kruse)
2:2 Occean 90′ (Assist: Pektürk)
Spectators: 24487 (+10-15 Athens fans at Cargo cafe!)
Sankt Pauli cards:
Bruns, Schachten, Kalla, Saglik, Boll
posted by Zouz

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