Matchday 15: Hansa Rostock – FC Sankt Pauli 1-3!!!

Posted: November 15, 2011 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

SCHEISS HRO!!! Punished the blue fuck-ups at Rostock!!! Bonus miles for the majestic flight back to Liga 3 were added!

Finally, a happy ending to a match sooo much wanted and KO over the eternal rivals at their home. Sankt Pauli blew up the Red, White & Blue Banana Boat but the way to final victory was NOT an easy one…

Game started in the best possible way – HRO managed to be left on the field with 10 men already from 8th minute thanks to an excellent Muay Thai movement by Weilandt (which unfortunately TKOed Morena as well). Immediately everything changed – they packed their defense, game moved completely on their half of the pitch and goal seemed only a matter of time. But time was passing and FCSP supremacy in numbers and territory wasn’t paying back…until 40′ and in a grotesque way when an incredible save by Tschauner after a 2 meter shot in one of the very rare HRO offensive actions was immediately followed by a counter attack which was successfully completed by (who else?) Max Kruse. That was it! The Blue monkeys started throwing in the field everything that they were carrying, the referee stopped the match and everybody hit the dressing rooms for what it seemed the early and entertaining  end of everything… The match was resumed unexpectedly 15 minutes later (we had a slightly different treatment vs Schalcke last year) to end without anything happening.

Unfortunately FCSP probably considered the match finished and was immediately punished in the second half by Mintal (50′) who executed us from 1 meter distance.  HRO retreated completely and fought unquestionably bravely for the following minutes to keep what seemed as a very valuable point. Wasn’t meant to be though… Coach Schubert‘s golden substitution (the guy is good at this!) Saglik killed their dreams with a header on 80′ at a point when seemed that HRO’s survival spirit could actually pay up and with the dessert on 91′.  HRO 1 – FCSP 3, FUCK OFF AND GOODBYE!!!

Leaving aside the obvious rivalry, these were 3 VERY important points… as long as we capitalize on them by making the obvious next week – win at home over Dynamo Dresden. South End Scum along with the Allied Forces of Athens Club will be there – we have enough space allocated in our bags to carry the 3 points (OK and a few FCSP bathroom ducks and Xmas balls!) home 🙂 Let’s go, have a good time, grab the points and get back in style 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 M. Kruse 40′ (Assist: Naki)
1:1 Mintal 50′ (Assist: R. Müller)
1:2 Saglik 80′ (Assist: Bruns)
1:3 Saglik 90+1′ (Assist: Bartels)
Spectators: 24300
Sankt Pauli cards: Boll, Thorandt.

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Posted by Zouz


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