What’s next… Matchday 16

Posted: November 21, 2011 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Yeah… fucking banana heads, the saints came and gave you a proper burial.

Back in fourth place (although we were fifth only for a few hours), and now we are back in business with Dynamo Dresden. Once again we must break statistics and make a home run that will bring us one step closer to the play offs. But let’s see some facts that will help understand what I mean…

In 2003, in Millerntor, we scored three times, but the game ended 2-2 because one of the goals was on the wrong side of the field (thanks to Bruckner at 70’). The other 2 goals came from the Nigerian Agu (20’ and 36’). On behalf of Dresden, Frohlich saved the day scoring on 84’, although they finished the game without Wagefeld who saw the red card from referee Robert Hoyzer.

In Millerntor again, this time in 2007, guess what… Dresden saved the game in 90’, but first things first. St. Pauli opened the score on 14’ with Takyi (penalty) and a few seconds before the end of the first half, David equalized the game on behalf of Dresden. On the second half, after many attempts, the boys in brown managed to score with Rothenbach (83’) but this was not enough. David stroke back at the end of the game and managed to save the game for Dresden.

On the away matches, in Dresden, Dynamo always takes the three points with St. Pauli finding vey hard the way to score. In 2004 we lost the game (1-0) with Jovanovic scoring on… take a good guess… 90’ (I thing I’m going to cry).

The other away match in recent history wan in 2006 and we lost it with a 3-0 score. St. Pauli was in pretty bad shape so it was a piece of cake for Ludwig to score two times (42’ and 45’). The other goal came on 83’ from Vorbeck.

Let’s hope that everything will run smooth in Millerntor, and I am pretty sure that they will because the saints will have support from their Greek fans. We are sending representatives from both the Athens Club and the South End Scum Club. Have fun guys and remember to bring something back for the bald guy with the kid.


posted by St. John


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