What’s next… Matchday 17

Posted: November 30, 2011 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Great game in Millerntor against Dynamo Dresden. I would like to thank the guys from both the South End Scum and the Athens club that helped Papadopoulos to remember some famous Greek words like “malaka” and “karagiozi”.

Back in our business now, because we have another important match this week against Paderborn.

From 2003 to 2010 we played 8 times with equal results having each team taking the three points in all home matches except one.

In Millerntor, Pauli won in 2003 (2-0), 2005 (1-0) and 2007 (2-1). On the other hand, Paderborn won the home matches on April 2004 (2-1), in 2008 (4-1) and 2009 (2-1).

One of the two matches worth mentioning is the glorious victory (0-3) of St. Pauli in Energieteam Arena back on September 2004, having Wojcik opening the score in 22’, Mazingu giving an advantage in 73’ and Agu adding his name on the scorers table in 92’.

The other match went on 2010 in Millerntor and ended with a 1-2 score. In the first half, Pauli was the boss of the game with Ebbers scoring on 19’, but just before the end of it, Brucknet managed to find his way to the nets after a mistake from our defense. On the second half, in a pretty narrow game from both teams, Daghfous was the salvation for Paderborn by scoring on 81’ and leading his team to victory.

Now it’s 2011 and St. Pauli is in 3rd place, having Paderborn following in 5th with 3 points less. The match is very important for both teams and Pauli boys will need all the luck they can get in Energieteam Arena.

Wishing for the best… Cheers!!


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