What the fuck, St.Pauli fans involved in Athens riots?

Posted: December 9, 2011 by Zouz in Miscellaneous Sankt Pauli stuff

The post title is a free translation of the following article title, published on the web edition of Bild on Tuesday…


The author after expressing his initial surprise about the existence of  Sankt Pauli fans (or people in Sankt Pauli “uniform” to be more precise) among the demonstrators (December 6th : 3rd anniversary of 15 years old Alex Grigoropoulos’ assassination by the Greek Police), points out that these are NOT people from Hamburg (!) but Greek (!!!) people, explains in brief a few reasons that drive people to identify with Sankt Pauli and ends up with a brief description of the latest developments regarding the Greek crisis… nothing much but enough to keep us occupied until the Sunday Ingolstad massacre 🙂

Thanks to Ansgar (VCA) for sharing this!

  1. ATH says:

    Antifa Tigers Hamburg involved in Athens riots!

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