Matchday 18: FC Ingolstadt 04 – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12


Some idiot last week (my memory is fading but I think it was me) predicted a massacre at Ingolstadt… Yes, there was a massacre alright but we were the ones being butchered…

After last week’s glorious escape, FC Sankt Pauli travelled to Ingolstadt for a quick snack before next week’s main menu (Eintracht Frankfurt). But seems that the almost permanent residents of the league table bottom until today, FC Ingolstadt 04 weren’t ready to compromise with the idea that they are going to be snack for our teeth…they played an excellent game, beat us almost in every aspect inside the pitch and managed to get in the finish a win that they completely deserved, giving us a huge slap at the same time…

Things were not looking good from the beginning… Tschauner’s big save on 12th minute was followed by a series of chances for the hosts (some of them big) and, to make a long story short, there was only one team during the first half hour and this was the home team… Pauli managed to level things up a little during the last quarter but without being able to create any kind of threat for the opponents defense.

Second half started slightly differently – our team started increasing the pressure but couldn’t penetrate in any way the opponent’s solid defensive line. Coach tried to shuffle the cards as he usually does by throwing in on 58′ Hennings and Bartels to replace Naki and Bruns but this time magic didn’t happened… Kalla got relatively close on 68′ but second half’s bigger chance created again by the hosts on 73′. Saglik in for Ebbers on 83′ and the best chance of the game for Sankt Pauli on 85th minute when Kruse missed from very close distance. And, to make things even worse, Akaichi (which entered the pitch on 86′!) executed us from zero distance following a scene of chaos and mayhem in front of our posts one minute before regular time leaving us lying in the ring…

An unfortunate appearance, a big blow to our promotion efforts and a pitty for the heroic FCSP fans that made the 700 Km trip to help and support… BUT, if we want to get something positive out of this very bad occasion, thanks to our afternoon fiasco, the bottom of the league table is now occupied by… Han$a Fuckin’ Rostock!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Akaichi (89′)

Spectators: 8754

Sankt Pauli cards: Boll, Bartels, M. Kruse

Highlights as soon as they are available

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