What’s Next… Matchday 19

Posted: December 12, 2011 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

I believe that there is not much left to say after loosing the game against Ingolstadt. We had a chance to climb to the third place (after a draw match between Eintracht and Greuther) but we blew it away with an awful appearance in Audi Sportpark.

Our next challenge is against Eintracht Frankfurt in Millerntor and this time we have to prove that we belong to bundesliga.

Let’s have a look at recent history and believe things look pretty nasty. It’s a fact that we never won Eintracht in the last 5 matches.

On the first matchday in 2002, Eintracht smashed St. Pauli at Commerzbank Arena finding the way to the nets for the first time on 22’ and then 3 times more on 84’, 88’ and 89’.
On the rematch (matchday 18) in Millerntor, Eintracht was on top from 35’ but Gerber managed to steel one point with an amazing free kick on 90’.

In the period 2010-2011 we lost both matches against Eintracht, 1-3 in Millerntor and 2-1 in Commerzbank Arena. That year it was obvious that we were not ready for bundesliga yet.

Now it is time for the rematch of the glorious 1-1 against a very powerful Eintracht on matchday 2. Eintracht has a standard (mostly) way of playing. If we concentrate to that we can take the three points and maybe climb one position on the league table.



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