Matchday 19: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0!!!

Posted: December 20, 2011 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Scheiß DFB! Fuck the system! Merry Pauli Xmas!!!

Talk is cheap and life is full of surprises! The same squad that been robbed by Ingolstadt last week, humiliated the DFB protegees with a KICK-ASS eeeasy win, giving us back our Xmas holidays!!! Also a game that was won finally without first suffering heavy stress in the dying minutes, even though things didn’t look so good at the beginning…

…actually the omens were rather dark… A game with a very big significance, against one of the main rivals, against tradition and following a DISAPPOINTING performance last week. The way the game started didn’t help – first chance of the game for Eintracht Frankfurt on 9′ with Tschauner (who else?) saving the goal from close distance. Our first chance of the game followed 3 minutes later with Bartels, from inside the penalty area, aiming at the Winter Hamburg skies. Another chance for the visitors on 15′ and for the next 15 minutes (our bad demon Gekas entered the pitch on 24′), match played mainly in the center towards our area… and then on 32′, after a chaotic situation (from the ones that usually happen in our defense!) following a corner,  Morena (YES!) pushed the ball in and set Millerntor on fire!!! After a short period of regrouping, the guests moved inside our penalty area with consecutive corners (good chance on 38′ but the Keeper was there) and more or less the last minutes of the first half went by with agony and pain. Fortunately though, reached half time ahead and with increased expectations regarding the final overcome…

The second half started with a BIG chance for our boys. First Bartels and then Boll missed on 48′ the chance to kill any expectations that our guests probably had. From this point and then was like the last minutes of the first half – Eintracht settled in for good inside our penalty area creating scenes of mayhem and terror (Idrissou 52′, Gekas 57′) but with our hero keeper always saying “No!” – and when he was unable to do it on 66′, it was  Morena (OOOH YESSS!) who saved our ass on the line… and then against any kind of logic, on 68th minute M. Kruse made the best out of the sudden counter attack engineered by Bartels and with a marvelous shot executed Nikolov and sent our guests to Hell for Christmas! 2-0! INSANITY!!! The remaining minutes were our prize and compensation for all the previous distress. The opponents tried to come back with everything they had but not only without any serious result but also leaving their defense almost empty… if  Kruse (78′) and Schindler (87′ – our first substitution on 61′) were a little more careful, the score could increase at humiliation levels… The final whistle found us winners and back in the promotion business…

Winter break coming up, a good chance for partying (for the fans) and relaxing (for the team – we mean it – we have people watching everywhere!). Seriously, is a good chance for regrouping, working on certain vulnerabilities (especially on defense!) and get ready in any possible way for the last and big sprint starting in February. Unfortunately, the winter break will do us good for an additional reason…

Our first keeper and (and according to the author’s personal opinion) MVP of the team so far Philipp Tschauner as result of a clash with Friend suffered a serious shoulder injury. Since all three substitutions were made, the guy played the last minutes in pain. The worst thing is that the injury requires surgery. He is not expected to play before February and he will probably miss the first game vs Alemannia Aachen. An invaluable loss (already feeling terrified  considering the alternatives 🙂  but also a very bad occasion for a very good guy…

Match goals:
1:0 Morena (32′, Assist: Schachten)
2:0 M. Kruse (67′, Assist: Bartels)
Spectators: 24487

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