Sad start for 2012…49 people injured, 74 arrested, Schweinske Cup is cancelled…

Posted: January 7, 2012 by Zouz in News

According to information coming from friends in Hamburg, everything started after the opening game of the tournament between Sankt Pauli II and VfB Lubeck which ended in a 3-3 draw. About Lubeck (estimated about 200) and H$V “fans” (about 30 of them), attacked Sankt Pauli people (among them women and children). Chaos followed as fellow Sankt Pauli fans attempted to strike back while police, which weren’t prepared for such a possibility, got out of control themselves trying to control the situation – as result of it, 72 out of 74 of the arrested are Sankt Pauli fans while the injury count includes 11 policemen…The total number of 49 injured does not include the 40 people reported suffering from pepper spray symptoms…

Sad day for the city, sad day for football but not on our behalf – only on our expense… maybe some discussion should emerge about the (pacifist) way we’re generally dealing with this kind of scum outside the football fields (where elder, women and children are not present to serve as victims…) FUCK H$V, FUCK CFHH, FUCK PT98 and FUCK THE SORRY-ASS VfB LUBECK NAZI MOB!!!

This is the Associated Press, “official view” release about yesterday’s events – as soon as (and if) we know anything further on the subject, we we’ll get back…

Some pictures:

TV coverage of the events:

…and a very decent post (If having problems with German, Google translator will help) regarding what happened yesterday: (thanks to zaungäste for this)

…and don’t forget!

  1. Zouz says:

    Google helped – thanks!

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