Transfers: Heerwagen added to the keepers squad, Hennings left for Bremer Brücke…

Posted: January 16, 2012 by Zouz in News

Seems that Tschauner’s injury (by the way the guy is recovering according to plan) mobilized the club. As result of this, we have a new kid on the block. Another Philipp, Philipp Heerwagen signed a six months loan contract….

Heerwagen’s arrival raised the number of the goalkeepers on 5 but taking under consideration the fact that Schenk and Springer haven’t got any chances so far, seems that he will fight with Bene for a place in the starting line-up. If you ask the Scum’s opinion, this is a great opportunity for Bene to relax a while and get more focus on his role as an emblematic personality inside the dressing rooms and guarantor of Unity, Solidarity, and all similar stuff between the squad 🙂

Good news over, sad news next. Rowen Hennings after three and a half years at Millerntor (73 games, 12 goals, 6 assists) is returning (6 months loan) to his previous team, Vfl Osnabrück. News considered sad since the Scum considers him a low-profile and positive figure and (the Scum!) has associated some of the best trips and wins in Hamburg during the last 4 yeas with his presence. Good luck to the guy on his attempt to help his past and new (?!?) team find the way back to Liga 2 and hope we will have him back sometime soon…


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