Transfers: Ralph Gunesch leaves Millerntor…

Posted: January 30, 2012 by Zouz in News

After 8 years being a Paulianer, contributing a lot to the Club and being one of the most beloved (at least to the Scum!) players during the last years, Ralph Gunesch is leaving Millerntor. Seems that he was not included in Andre Schubert’s  plans and his desire to continue playing football prevailed… Next stop is FC Ingolstadt 04, a team currently positioned towards the bottom of the table and  his long experience normally will be useful, helping his team avoiding relegation… We (FC Sankt Pauli!) will do our best helping by kicking big-time fuckin’ HRO’s (yes, not even a link!) ass on April!!!*

South End Scum will miss Ralph – not because he was the “star” of the team (no stars in Sankt Pauli – only when you look up and if it’s not raining!) or the most connected to the fan base guy. He will be missed because for a long period, including lots of ups and downs, he was always there, doing always the best he could for the Club quietly and consistently.

Good luck to a guy that will always be gladly remembered and welcome in Millerntor!

Thanks to Andre (Oldtras) and Petros (Athens Club) for both sharing the information within 15′ 🙂

* Thoughts on helping personally the squad during the occasion already made – soon, more to come on the issue ‘-)


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