What’s Next… Matchday 20

Posted: January 30, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Second round is at the gates, and our first opponent, and hopefully victim, is Alemannia Aachen. Alemannia is one of the teams fighting for their chance on staying in Germany’s second league and will make thinks pretty difficult this Saturday. But let’s have a look at recent history and how the story goes so far between the two teams.

On season 2002/2003, St. Pauli could not make it against Alemannia and lost both matches with a 4-1 score. The first match was on 13/12/2002 in Millerntor and the second one on 25/05/2003 in Aachen.
Four years later, on 07/12/2007, St. Pauli met again Alemannia in Aachen and after a very difficult match managed to bring one point home with a 2-2 score (Meggle on 14’ and  Kuru on 69’). On the rematch, in Millerntor on 11/05/2008, the boys in brown lost the game with a 0-2 score.
Season 2008/2009 and the two teams came across on 05/10/2008 in Millerntor, having the paulianers in great shape (and in great luck too). Ludwig opened the score on 2’ and (magnificent) Ebbers found his way to the nets twice (45’ and 46’).
On the Aachen rematch on 15/03/2009, St. Pauli took the three points with a 1-3 score having Hoilett keeping the flag on the air and scoring twice (17’ and 49’) and Ludwig ensuring victory on 56’
17/08/2009, a day worth to remember, having the boys in brown marching in Aachen with Ebbers (24’ and 28’), Naki (35’) and Bruns (39’)  setting things straight on the first half and Hennings on the second half (89’) giving a glorious victory to the fans.
On the rematch in Millerntor (23/01/2010) St. Pauli proved again who the boss is, in a poor match with only one goal from Kruse on 31’.
Back in the recent season, St. Pauli won in Millerntor on 05/08/2011 with a 3-1 score. Thinks were about to turn pretty ugly when Feisthammel scored 7 minutes after kick off but the boys in brown fought back with Kruse (17’) and Bruns (45’) turning the game. On the second half, Kruse putted our hearts on their place on 90’ after 20 minutes of having Alemannia close to our posts.

The rematch is not going to be easy although Alemannia is not on its best shape, but recent history is on our side and the boys in brown will probably march in Aachen once more.

Best of luck for the team and hopefully south end scum will have a good reunion party after the season break.

Cheers !!

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