Matchday 20: Alemannia Aachen – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: February 5, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Liga 2 resumed… we were just 30 minutes late…

The title of the post is probably the simplest way to describe what happened yesterday during a game which ended in a bitter defeat to Alemannia Aachen… OK, probably Saglik’s goal on 69′ should count (even the Scum people couldn’t agree on this!) but, looking at the whole picture, this was a game lost fair and square to a team determined to get the three points and, the most important of all, arrived at the field on time…


If we need an additional reason to explain yesterday’s defeat, we may should concentrate ourselves at the defense. Nobody played really bad but, for a variety of reasons, we had a line up that had never played a single match together. The time required by these guys until they finally find out their exact places and duties on the pitch was probably the key on losing this game…

Game started under slightly tough conditions. A lot of cold and a pitch half white (our defending side – this was actually considered good by us :-)). Opening minutes with conservative game for both sides and loose mood…until minute 13 when an unlucky penalty committed by Zambrano resulted in the opening goal by Auer…but the real shock was to follow almost immediately afterwards… on 15′, Demai provided with air-flight vomit bags almost the entire FCSP defense before finishing with an excellent shot to Bene’s left corner… Aachen 2 – FCSP 0 and a WTF? look is painted on our faces… For the next 15-20 minutes the picture of the team inside the pitch could be described only as “complete despair” – the hosts actually had a third goal called-off on 33′ (Radu offensive foul on Pliquett – correct decision). At this point, the Boys in Brown seemed like they realised that they are playing Liga 2 again and started increasing the pressure, something that paid up very soon. After 39 minutes, Boll exploited in the best way the assist by Bruns, scored his 5th season goal and got us back into the game. Pressure continued until half time, leaving us waiting for the second half in a very optimistic mood 🙂

13': Auer scores the opening goal of the game

Second half started, and this mood quickly started to fade… The squad achieved ball as well as field possession but nothing more. Moves were made for the bench to “push” the team forward (Saglik 57, Schindler 69′). On 69′ actually we got really close but the called off (offside) goal discussed in the introduction finally didn’t happened… We had to wait until 83′ (AAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!) when Bruns passed everybody at the right side of the box and hit the shot – no luck… Olajengbesi right on the line saved his team a win that may proven very valuable along the way during their effort to avoid relegation. For the remaining minutes the game was all about high crosses aiming the hosts’ box (where almost everybody was installed) but nothing really happened, except maybe a header by Saglik on closing seconds of injury time…

Conclusion? A well deserved loss. It’s the second time this season after matchday 18 that preceding teams make mistakes and instead of taking advantage of theirs, we’re ending up making bigger ones ourselves… team as always fought hard though and this is one of the things FC Sankt Pauli is about – we were never good on collecting titles :-). HEADS UP then, NO bitching, NO whining, we have VfL Bochum paying us a visit on Sunday 🙂

Match goals:

1:0 Auer (13′ penalty)

2:0 Demai (15′, Assist: Radu)

2:1 Boll (39′,  Assist: Bruns)

Spectators: 22752

Sankt Pauli cards: Zambrano, Funk, Morena

Here’s the only happy moment of the match: (watch the guys at the home fans terrace fence :-))

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