What’s Next… Matchday 21

Posted: February 6, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Once more, the team was not ready to take advantage of other’s mistakes, and by loosing the game lost the third place in the league table. No worries though, as my friend zouz wrote on his post about the game with Alemannia “we were never good on collecting titles” and I’m sure that we do not even give a fuck about them. Matchday 20 is history so let’s focus on the next match with Bochum…

In the period 1977-1991, St. Pauli and Bochum crossed their swords in eight matches, all of them for the first German league, having two home wins each and four draws.
In Zweite Liga 1993/1994 both teams shared points by having each match ending with a 1-1 score.
It was 24/05/1997 when Bochum buried us in its home town with an astonishing 6-0. This was the rematch of the 2-1 match in Millerntor. A pretty bad year for the boys in brown. We finished last with 27 points and Bochum finished 5th with 53.
In the recent history, we have one win, one draw and one defeat against Bochum.
The match on 29/08/1999 in Millerntor ended with a 0-0 score having both teams finding very hard their way through their opponent’s defensive line. On the rematch in Bochum, the local heroes took the three points with a 2-0 score. This time the only team that could not find the way to the goal posts was St. Pauli.
This season started pretty well for the boys in brown and Bochum served this good kick start by loosing the three points in Bochum with a 1-2 score. The match did not start well having Dabrowski opening the score for Bochum on 7’. St. Pauli was fighting with the back on the wall until 32’ when Bartels equalized the game after a tragic mistake of Bochum’s defensives. When the second half started, everyone was sure that the match will end with a draw, everyone except Kruse who killed Bochum in 84’ by tricking the goal keeper, sending the ball under his wide open legs J

The time for the rematch has come. Hopefully, the boys in brown will take the three points which will bring them one step closer to the first league.

Best wishes for the team.


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