What’s Next… Matchday 22

Posted: February 14, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

The roof is on fire after the results of the 21st matchday. Five teams fighting for a chance on finding themselves in the top league. From now on, the boys in brown must fight pretty hard on every match in order to take as many points as they can in the next 13 matches starting from this Friday against MSV Duisburg in Schauinsland-Reisen Arena.

This will be the 8th match between the two teams in recent history, starting from the period 2002/2003 when both won their home matches (2-1 in Duisburg and 4-0 in Millerntor).

On 2008/2009 season, St. Pauli took the three points in Duisburg with 1-2 score. Although Kouemaha scored for MSV in 51’, the red card to Branco in 68’ change everything in the game by giving some space for the boys in brown. Bruns managed to equalize the game in 69’ and the victorious goal came by Hennings in 74’.

On the rematch in Millerntor, everything was looking good when Sako found his way to the nets in 26’, but Duisburg managed to ruled the game in the second half by scoring twice (Kouemaha 57’ and Brzenska 75’). Fortunately, Ludwig saved the day in 90’ by equalizing the score.

Both teams shared points on the first match for season 2009/2010. Millerntor was on fire when Bruns scored in 14’ but Kouemaha (he never forgets to score against St. Pauli) ended the party 2 minutes later when he equalized the game. Everyone thought that the first half will end with a draw but Takyi had a different opinion by scoring in 27’. Millerntor was on fire again and everything was looking pretty good until 37’ when the scorer of the second goal faced the red card. The boys in brown fought to stay ahead in score but in 59’ Wagner broke the defensive line and equalized the game. Final score 2-2. On the rematch in Duisburg, Ebbers (7’) and Naki (21’) putted things straight and gave the three points to Pauli.

Back in the current season, on the 22nd of August 2011 in Millerntor, Schindler opened the score in 33’ but Bajic equalized the game for Duisburg in 38’. On the second half, the boys in brown could not find a way to break Duisburg’s defensive line, although the opponent was fighting back with one player less from 69’ when “malakas” Pliatsikas faced the red card. Fortunately, Bartels managed to score in 90’ and added three more points in the bag.

With two wins in three matches in Duisburg, St. Pauli has a big chance on winning once more. This is not the time for loosing points by opponents that are in a lower place in the league table. Let’s get serious and put a gravestone on them.

Best of luck for the boys in brown. Cheers!!!


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