Matchday 22: MSV Duisburg – FC Sankt Pauli 0-1!!!

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Things are easier when you mean business…

Easier than expected, the Boys in Brown secured the 3 away points against MSV Duisburg after a game that we were feeling comfortable during the most part of it despite that we were only one goal ahead. The main causes of the win were actually two: the slightly increased level of concentration that the boys showed inside the pitch and (according to the Scum) the worse than expected presence of the hosts in it…


The way victory was secured during the first round (Scum and Athens Club personnel SUFFERED in the Südkurve before Bartels gives the solution on the very last attempt) was the reason for the high level of anxiety before the kick-off.  FCSP though dominated the field in a game that started with lots of errors from both teams but the ground bending towards the hosts’ posts…until 10th minute when, after a quick counter-attack, Jula missed from close distance and reminded us epic pictures from matchday 20… Nothing worse happened though, pace controlled and actually it was Sankt Pauli that after 10 minutes sat on the driver’s seat! On 21′, in an instance that the hosts’  defense looked more like the DOM than a Liga 2 defensive line, Bruns served with a free kick from the left and Captain Boll,  completely undisturbed between 3-4 tourists wearing white and blue, jumped and got with the header the 6th of the season – 0-1! MSV Duisburg tried to respond with a few half-chances (27′, 33′) but without any serious effect. Towards the end of the first half, we were actually more focused on how our promotion rivals were doing at the other matches. First half completed without any fancy world class football and without any further surprises…

Match resumed in a promising way. Both teams entered the field more determined. Domovchiyski tried to test Pliquett without any success on 52′ – right in the next minute we almost reached the second goal but after a mess inside their box, Schindler’s shot 1-2 meters beside the penalty spot ended rolling tormentingly just outside Wiedwald’s left post with everybody watching… Surprised goalkeeper though, responded quite good 2 minutes later to a long challenge coming from Bruns. Hosts had another good moment on 68′ when, after a little mess inside our box (business as usual) an 11-meter shot from Brosinski (not a penalty!!!) ended 1-2 meters wide from our left post. From this point and then FCSP started to retreat (unjustifiably says the Scum) and for the closing quarter remained fortified within the box, giving hope and motive to our, unlucky so far, opponents to increase the pressure for the equalizer. Long balls and shots but fortunately this time we didn’t experience any scenes of terror and chaos and the only good chance they had (Baljak 87′) was well handled by Bene which by the way was remarkably stable. Match finished – mission completed…

A win that wasn’t spectacular but hardly needed and completely deserved. The 3 points are of increased significance since promotion rivals SC Paderborn 07 left 2 valuable points at home by ending in a 2-2 draw with Dynamo Dresden – they actually equalized on injury time… Next target: to capitalize on these and continue the way to the top by giving for free A BIG KICK-ASS LESSON to Eintracht Braunschweig next week 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Boll (21′, Assist: Bruns)

Spectators: 15117

Sankt Pauli cards: Volz


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