Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Braunschweig 0-0

Posted: February 26, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Absolutely nothing…

In a game that before the kick off, if anyone was calculating promotion points, should be considered as 3 necessary ones, the Boys in Brown managed to lose one more chance conquering the top by stumbling on the defensive wall of Eintracht Braunschweig (which by the way had more final attempts than us!). This will be interesting until the end…


OK, this was a BAD game, not only in term of point collection but football itself – just count the Sankt Pauli matches ending up in a 0-0 draw during the last four years… All that the Scum can remember from the first half is just two occasions: Kruse on 7′ (seems that the new hair color does not help:-)) and Schindler on 42′ (opponent keeper Davari handled both challenges successfully) – NOTHING more…

Second half resumed and the worst could come on 46′ when Reinhardt wasted (right by our left post from somewhere near the left upper corner of our box) the first serious chance of the guests. Something similar happened on the other site of the pitch on 57′ (Bartels) – another similar occurrence for the guests on 68′  (Pfitzner – outrageous chance!) and… that’s all folks! Seriously, regardless of the effort put by the boys in the pitch (team tried as almost always – the will was there), this is probably the worst FCSP game of the season so far… There were even unluckier days, but (considering of course timing, opponent etc, etc) probably this is the lower performance so far, especially when talking creativity…

OK, we’ re FCSP people – of course no moaning and stuff but…it’s still painful seeing chances for something better lost on a 50% ratio – just recall the last 6 Liga 2 results… Thankfully, our promotion rivals are showing the same (if not lower) level of consistency as we do and seems that this season will be a big thrill all the way until May. Things got even more complicated today after Paderborn’s triumphant victory over Eintracht DFB by 4-2. Currently 5 teams crowded within 3 (or 2 – still a game tomorrow) points and next Monday’s dangerous trip to München could play a decisive role regarding the final outcome of the race. Next match seems like a really risky mission – this is the reason that the Scum has a good feeling about this… 🙂

Match goals: You fuckin’ kidding me, right?

Spectators: 24487

Sankt Pauli cards: Boll, Schachten

No highlights this time – the best highlight was the “wir sind oooooooooooh Sankt Pauli” USP choreo – enjoy:

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