What’s Next… Matchday 24

Posted: February 29, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Once more we lost the chance for the first place in the league table but it doesn’t matter. The worst thing is the appearance of the team against Braunschweig. In order for the team to get promoted in the first league, the boys in brown must be in their best shape and must never lose points again against teams that are in a lower position at the league table. There are six teams (1860 Munich was added this week) fighting for three tickets. It is time to get serious. There is no room for more mistakes.


Matchday 24 is not going to be easy. The opponent is in good shape and of course the boys from Munich do not intend to through away points. They need them as bad as we do.
Things are pretty equal between the two teams in the last seven matches with 3 wins each and one draw. This means that matchday 24 will not be like a walk in the park for the boys in brown, but victory will sure feel like a good quality joint.

In 2007/2008 season, St. Pauli lost the game in Munich with 2-1 score on a game that everything happened on the first half, leaving the spectators boring to death in the second. Braun was the scorer in 32’ but this was not enough to bring the three points home. On the rematch, the boys in brown could not break the defensive line of Munich so the match ended with no goals. Also Brunnemann faced the second yellow card in 86’ and left the team with one player less for 8 minutes (including overtime).

The next season started better for the boys in brown by winning in Millerntor with a goal from Trojan in 23’. The rematch though was a pure nightmare. Munich smashed St. Pauli with a 5-1 score. Fortunately Hoilett saved the team’s honor by scoring in 33’.

In 2009/2010 season, the boys in brown gave a 3-1 lesson in Millerntor. Rothenbach opened the score in 28’ and Ebbers in 58’ ensured the match. In 89’ hearts started beating faster after Mlapa’s goal but Naki saved the day two minutes later.
The rematch was supposed to be ours, but unfortunately we lost it with a 2-1 score although Munich was fighting with one player less from the 8th minute when Pappas (pretty big “malakas”) faced the red card. Aigner was the MVP of the match on behalf of Munich by scoring twice (23’ and 57’). Ebbers on the other hand did his duty in 51’ but it was not enough.

I remember the match against 1860 Munich in Millerntor for this season like it was yesterday. The first half is about to end and the score is 0-0. The Scumers are about to go for a refill but Lauth spoils the party by scoring in 44’ with a penalty kick. Skeletons started crawling out from the closet reminding us how it feels on loosing a match in the last minute. Two minutes after the kick off for the second half, the boys in brown decided to help Munich a little bit and after a tragic mistake in the defensive line, Schindler scored but on the wrong side of the field.
Fortunately, the boys in brown woke up immediately and in 56’ Ebbers opened the score for St. Pauli. One minute later, Schachten equalized the game with a magnificent goal.
Kruse once more saved the day in Millerntor by scoring twice in ten minutes. In 64’ with an easy served goal, and in 74’ after taking out the defensive line of five.

Hopefully we will win the three points against 1860 Munich and if things go as we wish for our opponents we will manage to gain an advantage for the first place.
Best of luck for the boys in brown.


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