Matchday 24: 1860 München – FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Bitter but fair draw…

With 2 minutes remaining on the clock and hosts 1860 München almost compromised with the idea of defeat, a momentary lack of concentration (this a very kind definition :-)) was enough for the three precious points to fly away and for us to be left with a painful draw…


Before discussing the match details a point should be made about the excellent Anti-racist and Anti-xenophobic initiative of our hosts. Right after the presentation of the teams, the players of 1860 München unfolded this banner:

The banner can be freely translated as “Right wing extremism can be left aside”. You can read more details about the good work that these guys seem to do on the subject here:

There was an a cute internal argument back at older Athens Club days when we hosted 4-5 of their fans (coincidentally in Athens) to watch this game with us 3 years ago at the Dasein bar loft (a bitter 2-1 defeat) – seems now that we did the right thing back then 🙂

Now, to the game: game started in a way that reminded a lot our previous away matches – with the pitch having a bent towards our post. On 14′, a nuclear missile blasted off by Rukavina stopped on the upper vertical post of Bene’s left corner – Volland caught offside on the rebound and the reign of terror ended. Volland again missed in front of Pliquett from 8 meters on 22′ and the match went on with a field superiority in favor of the hosts… until 33′ when Sliskovic was fairly awarded the penalty committed by Bülow. Florian Bruns took the shot, Kiraly almost made it (I said “Fuck” for a frame of the second!) but didn’t and 0-1 with the Brown & White fans partying on the terraces of Allianz Arena awarded for the very long trip from home. The hosts (who needed win badly – draw not good enough) got raged. On 37′ Lauth’s goal was called off (offside – correct decision), Thorandt stopped Rukavina on 42′ and the half time whistle ended the siege…

Celebrations after 0-1...

Second half started with a lost chance to secure victory – Kruse tried the shot from around the penalty area, Kiraly (Aaaaaccckk!) tackled the ball and Apocalyptic scenes occurred within the hosts’ box for a few seconds but without any further result… Again Volland wasted another chance on 55′ for the Lions. Good chance for us on 62′ when a shot by Rottenbach landed on the hands of …(guess who?) Kiraly. Somewhere at this point, things started to seem better – lot of possession of the hosts but no real danger for Bene. On 81th minute hosts almost got the equalizer when a cooperation between Maier and Benjamin (SCHEISS H$V!) ended just outside the post. Hosts started being affected by disappointment, match control regained and the idiots of the South End Scum started the victory toasts and the irrelevant with the game discussions 🙂 The party was violently interrupted on 88′ when after an incredible fuck up by Funk (Patrick, where the fuck you were traveling man?), Benjamin (who’s laughing now?), took advantage of the situation and passed to the TRAITOR Volland, who, after being our 6th defender for almost the entire game, switched sides and …scored!!! 1-1, glasses down, some slight cursing (some SMS messages were far worse :-)) and not before too long the game ended…

Conclusion: a bitter but fair defeat. If it wasn’t Funk’s error (thumbs up for the guy – we are Sankt Pauli!!!) I would probably write now stuff like “Professional win” and all the other known South End Scum bullshit 🙂 1860 München is a good squad, coming from an 8-victory streak before our game and right behind us in the league – a defeat would make things far more worse. OK, everybody else won – maybe this is a step back but certainly is not a “disaster” – but anything other than victory next Monday  against Karlsruher SC will be considered as one…

PS: Next week, Hansa “Liga 3” Rostock vs Eintracht “DFB” Frankfurt – interesting choice 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Bruns (33′, Penalty)
1:1 Volland (88′, Assist Benjamin)

Spectators: 31600

Sankt Pauli cards: Bruns, Schindler,Volz


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