What’s Next… Matchday 25

Posted: March 7, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Once more, we lost points at the end of the match, after a terrible mistake by the defensive line. No worries though, nothing is lost. We are only three points away from the first place, and we will come across the competition pretty soon. But let us leave the past behind and take a look on what’s coming…


Finally, it is time for an easy match in Millerntor against Karlsruher SC and this time, recent history is on our side but first things first…

Back in season 2002/2003 things went bad for St. Pauli. In Millerntor, the boys in brown lost with a 1-2 score and on the rematch they managed, after a narrow game, to get away with one point (1-1) having Gerber scoring in the additional time of then first half and Eggimann equalizing the game for Karlsruher in 60’.

From 2009 until today, the two teams came across three times and St. Pauli won all three of them.

On 28/08/2009, in Wildparkstadion, Pauli smashed the hosts with a 0-4 score playing magnificent football and having Lehmann in best shape and scoring two times (25’ and 54’). The rest of the “hard work” was made by Hennings in 69’ and Ebbers in 74’.

On the Millerntor rematch, Hennings was the MVP of the match by scoring twice in the first half. He opened the score in 24’ and he managed to put as back to victory in the additional time after Chrisantus’s goal in 40’.

On the current season, in Karlsruher, the boys in brown were all over the field playing very concentrated and having an unbreakable defensive line. This made the two goals by Bruns (17’) and Ebbers (46’) more than enough to steal away the three valuable points.

Now is time for the rematch, I believe and easy one. We have nothing to fear, we only have to put the gravestone on the grave and send this fuckers back to league 3.

Best of luck for the team. Cheers!!!


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