Matchday 25: FC Sankt Pauli – Karlsruher SC 1-0

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Volz Ex Machina…

I seriously considered just copying and pasting the post about Matchday 23…the only thing that actually made the difference was Moritz Voltz’s first ever goal for Sankt Pauli (and fifth in his entire professional career) that turned this game from one more home fiasco to a “professional” (ha! ha!) win that nobody (after of course taking a few minutes considering the game) should really celebrate…


This wasn’t just a bad performance – it was a bad performance against probably the weakest opponent in the league (unfortunately, even weaker than HRO – Fuck them by the way :-)). This win was pure fuckin’ luck – if it wasn’t Voltz to do the unbelievable (the guy is a defender), we would probably still try to score if we haven’t been outscored already…

First visit to the opponent’s box on 7′ with Kruse running half the field on the counter attack after a clever pass by Naki, getting inside the box from the left and shooting the ball 2-3 meters wide by Orlishausen’s opposite corner…On the very next minute Karlsruher SC almost killed us but Bene (if this crazy motherfucker continues playing this way, I will end the season humiliated in my own club!) was there and prevented Terrazzino from finishing…field possession started turning in favor of our guests but nothing really fancy –  a suspicion of chance on 20′ when Kruse tried a shot from the left upper corner of the box without anybody being really annoyed… a little nap and a sudden wake up on 32′ when Schindler almost made it after a poisonous crossing by Bruns. Things started rolling on a little and on 40th minute… KABOOOOM!!! Voltz found space, made a little run and with an amazing 22m volley facing the post, “hanged” Orlishausen and Karlsruher SC… Another long shot from Boll 2 minutes later, and half time whistle with the South End Scum EXPERTS refueling their glasses and predicting GOAL OVERDOSE in the second half 🙂

Bene at work, putting things in order '-)

Second half resumed with an ambitious long distance shot by Naki on 55′ which after a weird orbit ended near the corner flag. Just like the first half, in the very next minute our guests had one more chance when Terrazzino delayed fatally and wasted his chance in the end. On 59′, Super Marius Ebbers entered the pitch and 3 minutes later lost our last chance on the game, slightly missed from within the right side of the box, after a brilliant pass, following a spectacular onslaught from Naki. From this point until the final whistle, it was all about the (about to be relegated) guests pressing, without serious results though, for the equalizer and the Brown & White squad defending on it’s own half and trying counter attacks from time to time…redemptive final whistle – FCSP 1 – KSC 0…

Here goes the same old tune: we’ re Sankt Pauli people, as long as it’s not Liga 3 Hell, it’s alright etc, etc… But I think (good work Greg!) that the Club not only does not share my Liga 2 Happiness but it actually has set a serious target for this year which is promotion to Bundesliga (you don’t go out for 8 million euros in order to finish the stadium, so that you can play in the new Millerntor against SC Condor, right?). If this is the case, somebody better do something ( 🙂 ) otherwise, not only we ‘re not gonna get 3 points next Sunday at Aue, but, when we return from the “Excursion in Hell” tour (Matchdays 27-31), a) our asses will have been scarlet from beating and b) the promotion train will be long gone…

Match goals:

1:0 Volz (40′)

Spectators: 23354

Sankt Pauli cards: Kruse

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

PS: @Yorkshire St. Pauli: Yorkshire banner was noticed by the Scum, somewhere in the middle between the posts and the Haupttribube corner flag, if we ‘re not mistaken 🙂


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