Matchday 26: Erzgebirge Aue – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1…

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

The absolute definition of term “suicide”…

Always trying to be a little more positive on Mondays. But how the fuck can someone get a damn positive mood when the first thing that he will begin his week with is writing a post for a game like this? Thanks a lot boys, hope only your week started as good as ours…


Everybody started ideally on Sunday noon. A quite cool outdoor accommodation at München Beerhouse (on the very other side of Athens really)  with 12 people from both FCSP “organized” Athens clubs enjoying early Spring Sun, good beer and the company of each other (like every respected B-movie before Terror arrives from somewhere). Of course, everybody aware of the match high level of difficulty and the first round home fiasco but there was all around a belief that finally, today something’s gotta give…

The game started in a very promising way – right from the start, the brown & white squad occupied the field while Aue retreated well below their half like a team that would be very satisfied with a draw after the final whistle. First attempt to disturb the hosts a straight long shot from Funk on 6′ finishing a little wide with the host keeper under control. Almost immediately afterwards, a good combination started from the the left ended up with Kruse shooting from the edge of the box and Männel blocking comfortably. Pressure increased for the next minutes and finally on 21′ our efforts were rewarded. Aue’s very first visit to our box, Savran took the shot, Bene dived and block on his left corner and IMMEDIATELY fired a 60 meter pass to Bruns who took full advantage of Rau’s elusive defending and scored in front of powerless Männel – 0-1! Everybody was happy not only because of the goal but because, after a long time, we were watching our beloved team playing really good, dominating the pitch, and actually being the only team in it. After a few visits (maybe 1-2 were lost inside this beer frenzy!) to the hosts’ area, was Kruse that threatened again with a long low shot handled OK by their keeper. Erzgebirge Aue tried and for the first time gained some control of the game during the last 5′ minutes – a 30m shot from Hochscheidt didn’t worry Bene on 39′ but things started getting a little serious on right after when the hosts were awarded a free kick just outside our box – shot wasted on the wall though and 1st half concluded in a very uplifting mood…

Half time activities table A - everybody's happy and unaware...

Game resumed – no substitutions made but a different FC Sankt Pauli entered the field in the second half. Aue reclaimed possession and moved the game towards our half. FCSP squad retreated (again) for no reason and things started reminding previous weekends and this for a good reason… 10 minutes in the second half, a slight mess within the left flank of our box, and Thorandt (oooohhh man, why???) instead of throwing the fuckin’ ball out, prefered to play fuckin’ Christiano Ronaldo and passed an excellent assist to König which after a quick manoeuvre finished from 5 meters n front of the stunned Sankt Pauli defense for the equalizer… Sankt Pauli somehow absorbed the shock and immedietally got aggressive.  Marius Ebbers entered the pitch on 55′ and 2′ later tried to thread with a header but Männel was confident. On 60′ good teamwork, Rottenbach made a sharp cross from the right and Bruns missed the target for a few centimeters. Immediately afterwards (61′), Max Kruse infiltration from the left side, shot a little wide host keeper’s guarded corner. New double chance on 72′ when Bartels quickly dribbled Männel at the left top of the goal box and tried to finish but first Schlitte saved with the header over the line – second direct shot on the rebound (I think Kruse), with the goalkeeper out, stroke on a back… Naki entered the pitch on 74′ and 5 minutes later wasted an incredible (and actually our last) chance for the win making a hero out of Männel… Somewhere at this point disappointment started flying over the tables but the worst was saved for the end… At the dying seconds of injury time (getting screwed at this point is OUR area of expertise), a 40m left flank foul and everybody gathered in our box preparing for the last (out of the very few) situation in our defense… Guess what… Kern touched the ball with his head exactly as required to put FCSP (and the supporters in Aue and Melissia) to sleep… 2-1, game over…

An excellent desert after a beautiful meal...

Conclusion: unlike recent posts. this one was published with a slight delay. The reason behind this was the need to take some distance from things instead of start immediately writing hard words that would create later regrets… And this was the right thing to do… OK, this WAS Sankt Pauli – the FC Sankt Pauli we all know and love. A team willing and capable to give it all in the field and play good football and a team that at the same time can kill itself by doing unimaginatively ridiculous things in the pitch…but this this is nothing new! Forget Markus’ outrageous artistic figure on 55’… If football was a game lasting 85 minutes instead of 90, not only we wouldn’t discussing now about missed promotion chances but we would be in the fuckin’ Bundesliga, discussing how we missed the Europa league train last year – the statistic data are self explanatory… In order to be competitive, it’s not enough to be strong and willing – you have to be serious as well. And “serious” means focused, concetrated, disciplined and probably thinking in a different way inside the field…

I think it’s about time to face it… We ‘re not serious and the reason that we are not serious lies on the actual entire concept of  the club – we ‘re not serious because we ‘re Sankt Pauli – this means alternative, enthusiastic, spontaneous and (let’s face it) sometimes messy 🙂 I suppose that this sometimes reflects on the team 🙂 To be completely honest here, this is a best excuse that I can give to myself in order to interpret some of the things happening and still not get furious and I think that applies for the majority of the Scum 🙂

So, what we will keep from this game? The excellent atmosphere, the good company of people some of them we do not meet very often, the beer, the food and the weed 🙂 Next matchday is Sunday again March 25th. Instead of celebrating the 191th anniversary of the Greek independence, we will probably gather in the same place, have fun, be prepared for an even bigger home fiasco against Energie Cottbus and enjoy what will certainly not change – the fact that WE ARE SANKT PAULI 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Bruns (21′, Assist: Pliquett!!!)

1:1 König (55′)

2:1 E. Kern (90+1′, Assist: Curri)

Spectators: 11500

Sankt Pauli cards: Zambrano, Thorandt, Bartels

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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