What’s Next… Matchday 27

Posted: March 21, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Maybe it is time to forget about first and second place and start fighting for third. Loosing games in the last minute and especially games with opponents like Aue does not give us the right to dream about the first league.
The match in Sparkassen-Erzgebirgsstadion is over and it belongs to history. Let’s have a look on what’s coming and get prepared to face what will probably happen…


In seasons 1997/1998 and 1998/1999 the two teams gave 4 matches and the three of them ended with a draw (2-2, 0-0, 1-1). The fourth match found St. Pauli taking the three points by scoring three times with Marin having a magnificent first half (13’ and 45’) and Croatian (but born in Hamburg) Klasnic finding his way to the nets in 25’.

In seasons 1999/2000 and 2001/2002 things went pretty equal for both teams. They both won their home matches. In 1999/2001 St. Pauli won in Millerntor (1-0) with Polunin scoring in 16’ and Marin facing the second yellow card, fortunately in 90’, leaving the time with one player less for 2 minutes. On the rematch, the boys in brown lost the game (3-2) in Stadion der Freundschaft on a match that was pretty intense in the end. The referee, Dr. Wack, gave an early end to the game for Renn and Wolf by sending them both to the lockers in 87’. Scorers for St. Pauli were Polunin (56’) and Marin (69’).

2001 found both teams playing for the first league and things went very good for both teams according to the scoring rates. They both won their home match with 4-0 score, sharing three points each in the two head to head matches. In Millerntor, the party started early (4’) with Patschinski welcoming the guests. One minute after entering the game (52’), Kaluzny scored, but on the wrong side of the field giving a pleasant note to the game. 2-0 was not good enough for the boys in brown so Patschinski decided to score once more time in 55’ and Meggle secured the game in 77’.

In season 2009/2010 Pauli made an awful start against Cottbus by loosing two points in Millerntor (1-1) on matchday 10. Kwueke opened the score for Cottbus in 56’ but fortunately, Kruse respond rather quickly in 67’. On the rematch, the boys in brown managed to steal the three points in 52’ having Takyi holding the skull flag high up in the Cottbus sky.

This season, on matchday 10, Pauli smashed Cottbus in Stadion der Freundschaft having Schachten (17’) and Kruse (43’) in best shape on the first half and Ebbers (76’ and 86’) proving that he can still run quick with 34 years on his back.

It is time for the rematch in Millerntor and I have to admit that I am not pretty sure for the outcome. The team is surely not on its best shape. Thankfully Cottbus is not desperate for points but I bet my ass that is desperate for a good and descent appearance.



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