Matchday 27: FC Sankt Pauli – Energie Cottbus 0-0…

Posted: March 25, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Nothing… (NADA, NULL, 0, ΜΗΔΕΝ, ∅, ” “, add your choice…)

Another Spring Sunny day, another cool bunch of Sunny people at the north edge of Athens (an Athens Club majority this week actually 🙂 ), everything in place… the only thing missing was FC Sankt Pauli in the field…


…yeps, this is unusual… it’s not about promoting or not (fuck this, we’ll get to the point in a while), it’s about football (the way I understand it, of course) itself… during (at least) the last 5 years we’ve been through a lot of high and lows but this was all along exciting…  Score 1 get 3, score 2 get 1, apply any variant you like but still always passion, thrill, and football for the shake of football. Even, the second part of last (relegation) season was full of feelings like excitement, grief, hope, despair, add anything you like here but… NEVER BORING…

Trying very hard to recall the last time I’ve been with a bunch of people, watching a Sankt Pauli game and discussing 10 minutes before full-time what went wrong…  Of course, bad days exist BUT this is the first time (for sometime) that is already (almost) April and I can’t recall A SINGLE good game (regardless of the result) in Millerntor for the entire year…

OK, been all over this before, NO ball-breaking, NO moaning, NO crying, No whatever the fuck BUT…this time no fuckin’ highlights or commentary – if anyone wants to have an idea of what happened today, can check this links as well…

Matchday 25: FC Sankt Pauli – Karlsruher SC 1-0

Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Braunschweig 0-0

Next game, matchday 28 is supposed to be the Mother of the promotion battles…away suicidal mission against the main (at least they seem so) promotion rivals Fortuna Düsseldorf. These guys are not in their better shape (our statistics expert (?!?!?) St. John will have more details along the way) but still, today’s performance does not provide us the right for high hopes… Scum returns to the neighborhood (check details on main page) for the game, prepared for the worst outcome with positive mood (suppose that links above have been read) but…

…FUCKIN’ H$V (Hamburg Social Vermin) is nearly relegation play-offs for the first time in their history. Can anybody imagine them playing play-offs against Fortuna Düsseldorf and US watching THIS on TV???

HEADS UP! (Squad) WAKE UP! And if we’re to lose, let’s do this playing FCSP football 🙂


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