What’s Next… Matchday 28

Posted: March 28, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

There is nothing left to be said about matchday 27. My friend zouz said it all. My opinion is almost the same and in a few matters even worst. It is time to concentrate on the match against Fortuna Dusseldorf, a very difficult opponent who will not give up without a fight. Both teams have much to loose (and much to win) and I believe that we will witness a pretty interesting match, more like a slaughter. The question is “Who will get slaughtered?”…


Starting from 2004, both opponents came across nine times having Fortuna holding the “first place” with five wins against three for St. Pauli and only one draw.

On season 2004/2005, the boys in brown achieved a pretty difficult victory in Millerntor with 2-1 score. Mazingu (10)’ and Wojkic (23’) helped for the victory, but the real hero of the day was Hollerieth who kept his goalposts intact for almost 90 minutes (Lambertz scored in 89’).
On the rematch, Fortuna proved that whatever happened in Millerntor was all a matter of luck and gave us a nice 3-0 to remember…

Things started almost the same on season 2005/2006. St. Pauli lost the match in Esprit Arena win a 2-0 score and on the Millerntor rematch, the boys in brown just managed to steal one point with a poor 1-1. Meggle opened the score in 47’ but Feinbier equalized the game in 60’. Players from both teams were so passionate that referee Henschel, in order to stop the hard fouls, took the yellow card out of his pocket 7 times.

On seasons 2006/2007 and 2009/2010 things went pretty equal for both teams by winning their home matches. Meggle (30’) and Braun (70’) saved the day in Millerntor for season 2006/2007 and gave the fans a reason to wear a big smile for the rest of the week. Same score on the rematch in Dusseldorf with scorers Palikuca (10’) and Lechner (46’).
Matchday 12 for season 2009/2010 and the boys in brown playing pretty decent football won the match with 2-1 score. Krusse opened the score in 4’ and Langeneke equalized the game in 22’. Redemption came from Hennings in 72’.
On the rematch, Fortuna stole the game with a poor 1-0 score. Heidinger solve the puzzle in 49’ and Retajczak, with small effort, kept St. Pauli to zero.

On the current season things went wrong for St. Pauli in Millerntor and the match ended 1-3. Kruse opened the score in 15’ and Lambertz equalized the game in the additional time of a pretty interesting first half. On the second half, the boys in brown left their football skills in the showers and gave Fortuna the opportunity to win the match with Lambertz in 57’ and Beister in 76’ finding their way to the nets.

Difficult task this week for our team. It is time to prove that we deserve to be in the first league by winning in Esprit Arena. There is no room for mistakes and concentration is a must.

Best of luck for the brown and white squad.


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