Matchday 28: Fortuna Düsseldorf – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: April 3, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

This WAS Sankt Pauli! Hope only it’s not too late…

BIG game in front of almost 48.000 people (including around 5.000 Sankt Pauli fans) under a terrific football atmosphere… Not an ideal result considering the league table , not the best result considering the game flow, but (for the first time within 2012) we watched a concentrated and passionate FC Sankt Pauli squad focused on winning against a  better (at least in numbers) team.  Probably, the best FCSP match in 2012…


An anxious atmosphere before kick-off and of course not without a cause… The significance of the game on the one hand, the  overall poor picture of the team since championship restart on the other, everything was setup for a full-of-thrill evening but without much optimism in the air…but the Boys in Brown refuted us – first minutes passed with Fortuna Düsseldorf in control but with a serious FCSP squad gaining slowly but surely ground. First kind-of-a-chance in the game n 10′ when Jovanovic easily bypassed Funk from our left defensive flank but his low-guarded-corner-finish ended a little wide without causing any worries. A game well balanced in the center with both sides keeping a good pace but nothing dramatic unitl 29th minute when Fink, after a cross from the right, won Thorandt on the air and tried a header that ended just out of our right post… only 2 minutes later everybody got on their feet with Ebbers scoring a goal that never counted due to a (correct) offside decision! Minute 38 and again a Sankt Pauli chance with Kruse testing Almer’s skills and the home keeper taking the challenge. Another correct decision with a hosts’ goal cancelled on 43′ (offensive foul Rösler) and half time whistle with everybody happy…

An (unidentified!) scene of chaos in front of Bene! Probably, the 43' occurrence 🙂

Back into the game and for back good – minute 52′ – AAAAAARRRGHHH! After a Zambrano (already booked 5 mins ago but we’ll get back to this) corner kick and an unidentified (!) header, Rottenbach (You ‘ll never walk alone!) made the tackle from 3 meters and lost the best so far FCSP chance of the game! As the game was on the way, you could see on and on Sankt Pauli increasing the pressure and playing (finally!) like a team that does not care who is playing against but just want to win – 59th minute – direct foul-kick by Boll on the wall, rebound and direct shot again from the Captain saved by Almer’s feet, mess in the box, unidentified (3rd repeat) shot to an unidentified (4th time! too many Johnny tonight 🙂 ) back and out…4 minutes later, EXCELLENT assist from Bartels to Kruse, direct shot from our right offensive side just inside the box which forced (again!) Almer to a save! Balance changed dramatically on 73′ when Zambrano (MVP of the game BUT, as previously stated, we ‘ll get back to this!) was expelled, facing a 2nd (correct) yellow card. Everything changed – the squad immediately retreated and the draw became priority A. Fortunately, not much happened until the end with the exception of a Fortuna attack being stopped in time on 85′. Last minutes passed with distress but without problems in the field and full-time whistle found the Scum people with mixed feelings but somehow with satisfaction and pride prevailing… 🙂

Turning point on 73'...

Seems that the struggle for the play-off place will go on until the end… Previous disasters turned a normally welcomed draw to a result that is considered satisfactory just because it keeps us alive… but tonight’s match showed more than this – the Scum watched, for the first time after 4 months, the team that loves to see inside the field with 14 serious and determined lads, having as MVP Carlos Zambrano (OK, LAST time, we ‘ll get back to this!!!), playing anything but the football  we hated for the past  month. Promotion may be lost in the end  but, with performances like this, the way Scum sees the situation, there’s no problem being in Liga 2 for infinity as long as we play (even with the obvious offensive difficulties) this way 🙂

On the promotion front, this is not a disaster. Probably seems like not the best of results considering both teams’ performance (we ruled the damned game!) but still a result that a) looks fine after looking at both teams’ total performances during the 2nd round and b) gives us hope for the big deal until further notice… as long as we won’t screw up next Saturday to Frankfurt vs local FSV

A few scattered thoughts on the game…

Positive stuff: the local Antifa banners and all the positive atmosphere before, during and after the game between the fans (at least as reported by Yorkshire St. Pauli on Twitter 🙂 )

Negative stuff:  Scum was deeply annoyed by the attitude of our Peruvian beloved youngster Carlos Zambrano. Behaviors like the following may be accepted by any other crowd EXCEPT the Sankt Pauli fans! OK, they may be permitted in special situations (H$V, HRO) and only on certain occurrences ( 🙂 ) but (fuck!), basically this NOT the way we understand football! This is not about points, this is not about football, it’s about the way WE understand Sankt Pauli! Fuck off man!!!

Congrats Carlos...

Let’s put things in order a little… No misunderstandings here, we ‘re talking about a very bright young lad, a guy bound to the team after lots of  REALLY HARD personal times and a guy that the Scum not only celebrated his April 1st “purchase” but  would also really love to have on board for the years to come… BUT spitting a guy that you just fouled because it (correctly) awarded you with a second yellow card is  just a fuckin’ shame… If anybody has better knowledge of the issue, comments are more than welcome…

Enough Scum (righteous!) bitchin’ , HEADS UP EVERYBODY, next Saturday is coming!!!

Match goals:


Spectators: 47484 (WOW!)

Sankt Pauli cards:  Boll, Zambrano (2 yellow cards – expelled)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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