What’s Next… Matchday 29

Posted: April 3, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Six weeks left for the end of the season and this means that there are 18 points out there and we ought to give a hell of fight in order to get them. There is no chance for the first or second place (let’s get real) and a good chance for the third. It is up to the team to make it through the battlefield. Our first opponent for this battle is FSV Frankfurt 1899 in Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion. Let’s have a peek at the past in order to get prepared on what’s coming…



Starting from season 2008/2009, both teams won their home matches but St. Pauli made it with a better score.
In Frankfurt, for matchday 17, sausages stole the three points with a poor 1-0. Everything looked that the match will end with a draw because of the tough defensive line by the boys in brown but the known curse stroke and Noll managed (finally!!) to send the ball in the right place in 88’ giving the fans good reason to wake up and cheer.
On the rematch in Millerntor, for matchday 34, Ebbers was in best shape and managed to score twice (44’ and 52’) proving that football is not always a matter of luck. The brilliant work by the defensive line and efficient flow from the center and forth were the ingredients that gave the successful winning recipe.

Season 2009/2010 and things are a little bit better for St. Pauli. On matchday 5 in Frankfurt the boys in brown managed to win after a beautiful match from both teams.
Ebbers opened the score for St. Pauli in 1’ spreading deadly silence in Frankfurter Volksbank Stadion but Cenci equalized the game 2 minutes later and Gunesch, after 15 difficult minutes for almost 8000 FSV fans, found his way to the nets in 18’ and saved some families from misery and medical expenses.
Second half is on and everybody is happy but Takyi decided in 69’ to make things interesting again by equalizing the game. A few minutes later Lehmann scores (75’) and deadly silence is back for good. Final score 2-3 and three points for the boys in brown.
The rematch for matchday 22 was not as interesting as the first match. Final score was 0-0 with nothing worth mentioning.

Matchday 12 for the current season ended with a party in Millerntor. Max opened the score in 3’ and Naki doubled it in 30’ in a magnificent first half. Second half was not as good as the first. The boys in brown spent most of the time defending themselves with a few attempts on scoring. As a result, Gaus managed to change the score to 2-1 in 75’ but fortunately this was the final score.

This time winning is a must in order to stay alive in the promotion hunting (this applies for the rest of the season). The match will not be easy but if we play concentrated and with a little bit of luck we can leave winners from Frankfurt.

Best of luck for the team. Cheers!!


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