Matchday 29: FSV Frankfurt – FC Sankt Pauli 3-3

Posted: April 7, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12


…BUT it does NOT deserve promotion…(read first!)

We’ve been through this for the entire 2012 (with only one exception: last week) so there’s very little left to be said… It’s not only about being willing – it’s also about being serious about it… and with a defensive line that today would make the Perfect joke if it wasn’t ours, one thing is certain: THIS squad is NOT serious…


This was looking like a good Saturday mainly because of three factors: a) the unexpected “gift” by the Fascist monkeys on Thursday, b) the clear quality gap between the squads and c) the fact that FCSP was far more motivated than our opponents before kick-off. Of course, Scum theories are one thing and real football another…

Match started with the Boys in Brown seem decided to go for the win and pushing FSV Frankfurt backwards. State of Euphoria terminated almost immediately when Gaus, in the very first visit of the hosts, took full advantage of our first major screw-up and scored the first on 6′. 1-0 for FSV and thoughts about the Aachen fiasco started haunting the atmosphere. However, the team continued pushing and 6 minutes later we touched the equalizer but Bartels missed in front of the defenseless Klandt. Another mess in the local box 2′ later, increased levels of excitement…until 17’… Left flank counter attack for the hosts, deep cross in the heart of our box, where there were a number of people wearing white & brown, looking like they are examining the lawn and among them a guy in black and blue watching the ball. Görlitz the name, 2-0 the game but the worst was yet to come. 20 minutes into the game, corner kick for the hosts and, just like downtown, 3-0 (Micanski) with the entire FCSP defense completely frozen (with the exact face that the Scum people had while watching!). 20 minutes gone and everything looked like a disaster but this team may completely lacking concentration but for sure has a lot of soul… 22th minute, FCSP on the attack again, killing short distance header by Naki but Klandt dived to his right corner and cleared. Corner shot, new header by Rothenbach and Teixeira saved on the line! Fuck man! One hell of a nightmare but on hell of football at the same time! Surprisingly, on the very next minute (so far, after EVERY chance of ours they responded scoring), FCSP got back into the game. Marius the scorer – after a cross by Bartels, first lost a certain goal, got up quick though and scored with a beautiful finish. Next quarter passed with a furious pace and FCSP risking a lot to get back into the game. This paid off actually on 39′ when Naki earned both penalty AND red card (Schlicke) – a VERY difficult decision, can’t be sure even after replay… Kruse executed with confidence and 3-2 on 41′! The local squad failed to score the 4th on 43′ (Micanski header over the bar) and one of the most exciting first halves of the last years ended with massive “Cheers!” and the feeling that the superiority in numbers along with the turn of the tide, would lead to the (so much wanted) victory…

The Veteran block enjoys the sun probably during half time 🙂

Seconds in the second half, first attack, low right cross from Kruse passed the keeper and Bartels arrived in time for the decisive push – 3-3! HELL!!! Score equalized, opponents down one man and the entire second half ahead – the Boys in Brown convinced that the complete come back is possible, increased the pressure to asphyxiating levels against a home team barricaded in the area surrounding the box. Next major occurrence (too much happened to be able to include everything!) on 56′ when Bartels crossed from the left and found Naki who failed to beat Klandt (the guy moved quick) but killed and advertisement afterwards 🙂 2′ later (58′) after a quick combination again Bartels tried from inside the left side of the ball ending past the side bar.  Sankt Pauli attacking massive and FSV keeping up with guts and luck… 61 minutes on the game AGAIN left cross by Bartels, AGAIN dive header by Naki but once again Klandt (shit!) made a major save! The opponents got out of their hole for the first time in the second half on 70′, when Gaus tried his luck but without really annoying Bene. Again a chance on 75′ (yes, you guessed right!) when Bartels again from the left, tried for the far corner, missing just a bit… Close again on 82′ – Kruse cooperated beautiful with Voltz  and served the goal to Ebbers who failed to finish this time… Team continued to besiege the opponent until the very end but without further results (except 1-2 occasions by Saglik) and the final whistle gave an inglorious ending to one of the most spectacular matches we have witnessed during this season…

Naki after the chance on 61...


  • The fighting spirit of the team which gave it all regardless of the odds and didn’t stop trying for a single second. With a little more luck, this could be one of our brightest moments this season…
  • The Sankt Pauli supporters (match MVPs!). This crowd got the first, got the second, got the third but didn’t give a fuck! Actually, it was the fans that helped the team get up, wipe the dirt and try to turn things around. The average fankurve would just shut up… other groups (see ya in 2 weeks…) would probably turn their anger towards their own team…but all these just aren’t FC Sankt Pauli fans 🙂


OK, this is not new. The most popular jokes among the Athens fans during the past 5-6 years were always about our defense (OK, and a rumor about Asamoah being fat!).  Always defending wasn’t one of the teams priorities. But this defensive performance today cannot be considered as a joke even if it looks very much like one… It’s not even about suffering 3 goals in 15′ – it’s about how they are achieved… Unbelievable mistakes, unimaginable lack of communication and so on and so forth… With such performances, this team (which is not new) not only can’t challenge promotion rivals, it can’t even challenge the runner up of the Antira tournament! Maybe, the Universe will work in the end, it’s mysterious ways to our benefit and we end up playing play offs. But so far, especially after the break (let’s be honest), we haven’t provided any kind of proof that we deserve to return to the Bundesliga. Yeps, it’s a fascinating season, everybody wins everybody and with a little more luck we still can do it but so far we’re lucky that we’re still in the promotion race…

OK, now what?

This Tuesday we have Union Berlin paying us a visit. Looking at the remaining schedule of the three main rivals, our luck is not in our hands anymore. What has to be done is obvious here. If we don’t win this, even winning away Greuther Fürth (said what?!?!?) will not be enough and we can kiss the playoffs vs H$V (or whatever) goodbye… Maybe John (not the fuckin’ St. John! The good looking guy :-)) was right today… stated that the team maybe needs another year in Liga 2 to build a better squad and try next year instead of promoting this season and experience next year direct relegation again… This is probably the most interesting question about Tuesday – what these guys (the squad) think 🙂

At least it will be exciting… off we go then! Forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Gaus (6′)

2:0 M. Görlitz (17′, Assist: Y. Stark)

3:0 Micanski (20′, Assist: Cinaz)

3:1 Ebbers (23′, Assist, Bartels)

3:2 M. Kruse (41′, penalty)

3:3 Bartels (46′, Assist, M. Kruse)

Spectators: 8802

Sankt Pauli cards:  Funk, Saglik

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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