What’s Next… Matchday 30

Posted: April 9, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Many of you might say that the match in Frankfurt went well because we managed to stand up and equalize it. The way I see it (and the way I fell about it), we run against a horse with a bad knee and we lost the race in the finish line. I have to agree with Zouz, although he thinks I’m ugly (in fact, if you see him on the beach, he looks like a cockroach in bathing suit :-)), that if we want to be competitive in the first league we have to get serious and play concentrated.



Time for another match on our way to the play-offs, this time against Union Berlin, an equal opponent according to recent history. In the last 9 matches, 3 of them ended with a draw and each team counts 3 wins. Let’s have a closer look at what happened in the last 10 years between the two teams…

From 2002 to 2007 St. Pauli came across Union Berlin 6 times.
Staring with season 2002/2003, the boys in brown lost in Berlin with 4-2 score for matchday 5 on a match with a lot of scoring opportunities for both teams. First half was pretty poor having Meier the only scorer in 37’ but the second one gave the fans what they paid for… good old football. Baumgart equalized the game in 58’ but Igwe gave the lead back to Union 4 minutes later and Sandmann ensured the three points in 73’. After a period of 7 minutes in which St. Pauli was pounding Union’s defensive line from both sides of the field, Rasiejewsky scored in 80’ and gave hope for the draw point, but unfortunately Vidolov had a different opinion and saved the day in 85’ turning the score to 4-2.
On the rematch in Millerntor, the boys in brown lost the three points in the last 3 minutes (does this ring any bells??) although they were leading the game with 2-0 score (Blank in 46’ and Ndiaye in 70’). Keita (87’) and Veit (90’) saved Union from defeat and gave a precious point to the team. Final score 2-2.
Season 2004/2005 was pretty poor according to scoring. On matchday 6 in Millerntor, Bounoua stole the match from Union in 69’ after a pretty boring game. Same film, different spectators on the matchday 25 rematch in Berlin but this time with no goal.
Season 2006/2007 and things are almost the same but the other way around. Matchday 6 (again) in Millerntor, boring game, no goal. Matchday 25 (again) in Berlin and things looks a little bit better for Union. Braun saw the red card in 67’ and gave the opportunity to the hosts to lead the game in 81’ with Patschinski. Same player scored once more in 85’ and sealed victory.

Seasons 2009/2010 and 2011/2012 are far more interesting.
On the first match for season 2009/2010 in Millerntor the boys in brown were all over the filed and ensured the game from the first half with 3 goals and scorers Ebbers (9’), Kalla (15’) and Kruse (39’). On the rematch for matchday 31, Union took the lead with Mattuschka in 10’ and Takyi equalized the game in 19’. Hero of the match was Benyamina who gave the lead and the three points for Union in 88’ after a tragic mistake of the defensive line.
On the current season, St. Pauli won the match in Berlin for matchday 13 with 0-2 score and added three easy points in the basket.
The rematch is not going to be easy because this time we must add the play-offs anxiety in the equation but I truly believe that we will have an easy and sunny (at least here in Greece) afternoon.

Cheers for the boys in brown and remember… “If you build it, they will come…” 🙂

  1. Zouz says:

    You fuckin’ lying bastard!!! 🙂

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