Matchday 30: FC Sankt Pauli – Union Berlin 2-1!

Posted: April 11, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Nothing is over until Fin Bartels sings…


That’s right! Montserrat Caballé was out of town so it was the ex-Hansa Rostock (does anybody remember it? 🙂 ) midfielder who impersonated the Fat Lady in a show that turned to be one of the most thrilling, stressful (these bastards in Brown & White sooner or later are gonna kill me!) and exciting shows of the season! Fin was not the “Star” of the night though…this title should go to Marius Ebbers and for a very good reason…


Seems that this team is completely insane and beyond any kind of logic… The same squad that one month ago made us want to put our heads in the refrigerator (!) gave us one of the most passionate, intensive and well played second halves that the Scum can remember, including as special bonus the fair play of the year… Too much to tell and too much to remember from today, so let’s take it step by step.

Working day, no Greek TV coverage so the usual  Scum gathering was aborted. Ended up in front of a laptop attached TV along with His Excellency the General. No really high expectations due to the suicidal course of the team after the break, basically prepared for the best or the worst in a weedy loose positive mood 🙂

The game began more or less balanced – it was Union Berlin that created the first (and BIG) chance of the game. Terrode found himself all alone in front of Philipp Tschauner but the Kiezkeeper (on his Liga 2 return after kicking H$V II’s ass last week! WELCOME BACK BOY!) reacted excellently and blocked the ball saving a certain goal. The shock didn’t happen and the team slowly but surely started gaining ground…on 17′, first major chance for FCSP when Schachten from the left flank a few meters under the center, tried an excellent vertical pass to Kruse inside the box but Glinker faced the challenge successfully  and drove the ball off. After the corner kick that followed, FCSP regained possession with the ball having as final recipient Deniz Naki in the right side of the box but the guy instead of passing to Ebbers who was charging in the center full throttle, preferred to shoot directly from a 50 degree angle and miss, causing the (justified) complains of his fellow teammate…raging Sankt Pauli…4 minutes later, mess again inside the guests’ box, but a shot from Kruse deflected somewhere and ended up corner. A slight slow down of the pace but still control of the field until 32’… Corner kick for Union from the left, Karl won Naki (!!!) on the air, the ball got the perfect orbit, flew above everybody and ended in…0-1… Kick-off, FCSP on the offense again – 34th minute, deep cross in the box, super header assist from Ebbers to Naki who controlled with the chest first and then tried an immediate volley causing more worries to a bunch of pigeons flying over the DOM than Glinker :-). 2′ later, left  corner by Daube found Thorandt completely unguarded in the box but the header he tried caused only disappointment… last good occasion of the first half. From this point FCSP lost the pace…another half chance for the guests (Terrode) on 43′ and half time whistle with us whispering religious profanity… 🙂

Union Berlin celebrating after 0-1

Second half started in the same way the first ended with the Boys in Brown having ball control and field possession but without being able to penetrate the Maginot line setup by the Berliners…Everything changed on 58′ when Kruse after a small charge, fired a left-leg torpedo (from 5-6 meters outside the box, slightly to the right) and finally, with a little help of a Berlin left leg,  beat Glinker for the equalizer and the quite Alimos neighborhood suddenly started to become somehow noisy!!! This was the turning point – things became even more difficult for Union Berlin 5 minutes later: Trapp faced his second yellow and was sent off. Correct decision from the referee who was correct again in the very next minute when we asked for a penalty (ball found the left arm of Göhlert) that he refused (completely unintentional and the ball didn’t had direction towards the goal). Danger for FCSP on 68′ when after a counter-attack, Mattuschka cleverly bypassed Morena and fired an ambitious shot from the edge of the box but Philipp “Leopard” Tschauner jumped and block on his right side. Massive substitutions at this point slowed down the game and things started looking like the momentum was lost and the situation would end up in the same way like last week. But this time things were far from over…

On 81′ we enjoyed the highlight of the match and this deserve a paragraph of its own (Carlos read carefully):  Deep cross from our right offensive flank, right in the heart of the Union where Ebbers with a semi-dive header scored, using his left hand a bit to control the ball. Referee awarded the goal, celebrations on the terraces, celebrations in the living room, Song 2   playing from the stadium speakers and the Union Berlin players protesting. In the slight confusion that followed, the referee, trying to work things out, went to Marius and…asked him the truth…and the guy did it! As result of this, the goal was called off and the ref (probably in an appreciation gesture) spared him the yellow card 🙂 Character and integrity – this is how we want OUR club to be – a very good example not only for the rest but for as as well 🙂

The 81' incident

Story details on the FC Sankt Pauli Official Homepage (use Google translation in English):

The game returned back to 1-1 with less than 10′ remaining and the squad playing all-or-nothing. Free kick just right out of the box for FC Sankt Pauli with 5′ on the clock. Daube took it and fired the perfect shot with the ball stopping on the left post junction and Bartels failing to beat the keeper on the rebound! AAAAAARRRGHHH!!! Game gone wild with the team pushing desperately and the guests defending in the same manner in front of a screaming on its feet Südkurve – another scene of Apocalypse inside the box on 89′ with Kruse failing to finish but the best was saved from the end – second out of the three minutes of injury time, a left desperate long deeeep cross from Schachten found Bartels at the very same spot that Terrode had missed the very first chance of the game. He controlled and executed the unlucky Glinker in cold blood from close distance! 2-1!!! MADNESS!!! Song 2 again and this time for real! Was not long until the final whistle which found us (at least me) with an indescribable mix of redemption, joy and “What the fuck happened here?” 🙂

Südkurve during the entrance of the teams - WOW!

Did I learned something else today? Oh yes, I did – last week the post concluded with a (more or less rhetorical) question, today I got the answer. Answers to such questions usually don’t mean much but this one was really in style… This bunch is not ready to quit fighting – promotion will be probably lost in the end (a lot of BIG TIME screw-ups have already happened and we’re clearly not on top of things) but I have the feeling that we ‘re going to fight it hard until the very end and even if on May 6th afternoon the promotion is lost, heads will still be up…

Next week, we’ re going on a suicidal mission. SpVgg Greuther Fürth, having almost secured promotion is expecting us for a kick-ass treatment something quite possible, taking under consideration the excellent shape these guys are on the one hand and the obvious defensive weaknesses we have (something that of course was not magically healed today) on the other… The good news is that we’re not the only ones that we have to pay a visit there – Fortuna Düsseldorf still has to make the same trip as well, so even a spanking may not be significant in the end. We have nothing to lose, seems weird to say, but this a chance for a game without stress and pressure as it’s probably not considered as a winner in the final calculation – it’s gonna be exciting anyway 🙂

Forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Karl (32′, Assist: Belaid)

1:1 M. Kruse (59′, Assist: Naki)

2:1 Bartels (90+2′, Assist: Schachten)

Spectators: 19000

Sankt Pauli cards:  Schachten, Thorandt

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

After a long time… guess what! Highlights here:

  1. slime says:

    ρε συ ζουζ εισαι σιγουρος οτι το γκολ ακυρωθηκε επειδη το παραδεχτηκε ο μαριος?
    επειδη εβλεπα 3 βερολινεζους πανω του κατα τις διαβουλευσεις, νομιζα οτι του την λεγανε γιατι πηγε να κοροιδευσει τον διαιτητη. τεσπα, παω να δω τα στιμιοτυπα. τρελο ματς και το σιγουρο ειναι οτι θα μας βγει η ψυχη….και με αυτη την ομαδα!!!

  2. Zouz says:

    Ρε φίλε, το μεταφρασμένο που έχω κάτω από τη φωτογραφία έχει μέσα και δήλωση παίκτη της Ουνιόν που λέει τα ίδια

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