What’s Next… Matchday 31

Posted: April 12, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

The time has come to prove that we belong to the first league. Winning is a must against Greuther if we want to stay alive in the hunt for the first league and if we want to prove that we belong there. The match is not going to be easy. The boys in brown must be on their best shape and fully concentrated in the field and there is no room for defensive mistakes this time.



In the recent history, the teams came across in season 2007/2008 for matchday 4 and the boys in brown lost the match in Troli Arena although Braun opened the score in 11’. Two answers to this goal came from Greuther, both in the last minutes of each half (43’ and 91’) and the boys from Furth turned the game over leaving us with no points.
On the rematch in Millerntor, Greuther opened the score in 44’ with Lanig but fortunately, a few minutes after the second half kickoff Schnitzler equalized the game in 58’. In 85’, referee gave as an advantage by throwing out of the game Biliskov with a red card but the boys in brown could not break Greuther’s defensive line.

Season 2008/2009 is much worse for St. Pauli. For matchday 2 in Furth, Greuther won the match with an easy 5-2 although the first half was pretty equal. Haas opened the score in 18’ and Bruns answered in 34’. In 50’ Takyi scored for Furth but 2 minutes later Trojan equalized the game for St. Pauli. In 77’ Sami opened the party for Greuther and ten minutes later two more goals came from Schrock (85’) and Felgenhauer (88’) to secure victory.
Same shit happened on the rematch in Millerntor. The boys in brown were unable to control the game form the beginning and Greuther had an easy afternoon. Final score 0-3.

Season 2009/2010 and things are turning a little better. Greuther managed to equalize the match in the last 10 minutes with Allagui (83’) and Nobakht (guess when… 90’). On behalf of St. Pauli, Takyi opened the score in 41’ and Hennings added one more in 66’.
On the rematch in Furth, the first half ended with the boys in brown back in score after a beautiful goal from Nothe in 37’, but something happened in the changing rooms before the second half because the boys in brown came like dynamite in the field and managed to save the day by scoring four times with Naki (51’), Ebbers (65’), Takyi (73’) and Hennings (88’).

On the current season, the match in Millerntor ended with a draw (2-2). Once more the team lost the game in the additional time. Nothe opened the score for Greuther in the end of the first half (44’) and Daube equalized the game in 54’. After a lot of attempts, Saglik managed to score in 75’ and got the party started in St. Pauli district.
Suddenly, just when referee was about to blow his whistle and Greuther was fighting with a player less (Pekovic saw the second yellow card in 81’), Occean took the chance and scored in 91’ after a tragic mistake by the defensive line.

This time we are desperate for the three points and we better not make the same mistakes.
Best of luck for the team. Cheers!!


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