Matchday 31: SpVgg Greuther Fürth – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: April 14, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Nothing is lost – just keep on trying…

Foto: Bongarts/Getty Images/Getty

The Boys In Brown failed to get the desired result in one of the most critical missions of the season but they did it trying real hard against a better (let’s admit it) and equally motivated team, on foreign ground… A defeat alright, but with a much less bitter feeling comparing to some of our 2012 disasters, at a game that after all probably wasn’t considered as a 3 pointer inside Andre Schubert’s (which stated dissatisfied of the team performance) book…


A game, that the Scum had a lot of hidden hopes but not any real ambitions about, before it begins. So, the 3 remaining in Athens scumfucks, gathered  at their traditional hut (in a TRUE suicidal mission, right at local Easter Epitaph’s scheduled path!), anticipating more a decent appearance than a good result…

The game kicked off in in a way anything but the way we wanted it to start… Just 6 minutes into the game and Greuther Fürth got the lead… after a Fürstner left flank cross, Schmidtgal touched the ball exactly as required to take an alien orbit end in the net, flying over (unable to do anything) Tschauner… Excellent but kinda lucky goal, 1-0 for the hosts and everything started looking bleak…after the initial shock, the squad tried to get even,  but the 11′ occasion, when Morena failed to finish in a good position after a corner kick, was the only thing that they succeeded.  The remaining first half was actually a very concentrated in the center one (boring actually) with only occasion remembered (for the hosts), the 41′ one, when after a free kick pass just outside the box (from the left), Prib wasted a good possibility out to the sky…

6th minute: the kill... (Foto: Zink)

After 2nd half kick off, FC Sankt Pauli got in the field, looking a little more determined to claim something better from the game. After a first try (46′- Ebbers missed just a bit the ball), everything came almost upside down on 49′ – after a clever Daube (surrounded by a lot of green & white people) lift from the left side inside the box, Deniz Naki found himself all alone in front of Grün but aimed and fired directly on the Fürth keeper making a hero out of him… However, the occasion that the Scum will keep in memory from this match, happened on 52′. Gerald Asamoah (more about the gentleman after match summary) claimed a penalty supposed to be committed by Morena and before getting a yellow card, for trying to imitate Corny,  began a brawl against his former teammates… Another penalty claim for Greuther Fürth 3 minutes later with Schmidtgal protesting about Thorandt’s defending but again (correct according to the Scum) referee said “play on”. The fatal blow occurred 9′ later, right at the point where FCSP was trying to regroup after 2 tactic substitutions (55′ Bruns for Funk, 63′ Saglik for Naki). Corner kick from the right by Schmidtgal and Asamoah got first on the ball and with a brilliant header beat Tschauner for the 2-0, a goal that he intensively celebrated… That was it… the team, having a mountain to climb against a very good confident and psychologically on top team, just couldn’t beat the challenge… almost 3-0 on 70′ when Sararer from the left, humiliated once more our defense and served the perfect assist for a spectacular goal by Asamoah that was fortunately saved by Tschauner. For the following minutes, we watched the Brown & White squad trying to play for all but without being able to really succeed and, as result of it, every counter attack of the hosts being closer to a goal than any of our attempts with Occean, Klaus and…Asamoah being a constant threat. This activity reached its peak on 85′ when Tschauner prevented Sararer from finishing a 3-on-1 5X5 counter attack… Finally, instead of a possible humiliation, the “goal of honor” was scored – Saglik got first on the opposite post, following a right corner kick by Bruns and scored our only one of the game with almost nothing left on the clock…

2/5/2010: SpVgg Greuther Fürth 1 - FC Sankt Pauli 4... Naki and Sako (YNWA!) celebrating promotion to Bundesliga...

ABOUT GREUTHER FÜRTH: This team is a lot different than the team that we dominated 2 years ago (see above), securing the promotion in a spectacular way… A team that during the past seasons was always able to damage anybody but lacked one thing: stability. This missing ingredient was added this season and turned them to the most reliable, consistent and effective team of the championship,  giving them in the end the ticket for their first (after WW2) appearance among the elite of German football. The Scum (actually me – nobody around to ask!) says “Well deserved” and raises his thumb up for the best team of 2011-2012.

ABOUT GERALD ASAMOAH: A guy that came to the neighborhood almost finished on 2010 hoping for a career come back, immediately became integral part of the team (and captain along the way), truly honored the brown & white shirt and gave us one of the most unforgettable moments of our humble history – the goal against H$V:

A guy that was loved and developed (my ass) a very strong term with the Sankt Pauli fans to the point of almost being kind of a “symbol” (always bad) for some… This “gentleman” played today for the first time against his former team after less than a year. The Scum is, of course, not annoyed by his goal – it’s not annoyed by the way he celebrated either… The Scum is not annoyed even by his attempt to get a fake penalty (even if we are lucky enough to have people like Marius Ebbers on board, we can understand that we are still talking about professional football) but… WE ARE VERY ANNOYED, when this guy tries to start a brawl against his former teammates for not getting the fuckin’ fake penalty he asked for…and we should always remember that we ‘re not talking about a juvenile that still has a lot to learn about football and more important things like respect, integrity and so on and so forth… No honor, no integrity, not even damn fair play… FUCK YOU UNGRATEFUL AND DISHONEST BASTARD!!! You may be (actually we don’t care) welcome to Sankt Pauli, the Jolly or whatever after this but for sure you’re not welcome to OUR neighborhood (WOW!). If you be good and lucky enough to make it to the Europa League with your new team (or probably the new team you’ll find after your price gets higher) and Lady Luck brings you to Greece against (OK, almost!) any team, you will (always within the limits that civilization commands) discover it for yourself 🙂 Leaving aside this spicy Big Shot talk and getting again somehow serious, this person is a fuckin’ walkin’ shame…

ABOUT US! (already too much storage spent on Asamoah): It’s even tougher now but still far from over. Fortuna Düsseldorf still has to pass the test we failed today, we both have games vs Dresden and, just 1 pt behind, we have Paderborn that is our host on the last game of the season. Anything can happen – we cannot undo what has been done but we can give everything that we have and hope that this will pay back… Next stop? Ooooooh Yeahhhh, you guessed right! IT’S HANSA “Soon to experience the Liga 3 Inferno” ROSTOCKKKKK!!!! These guys are coming to play one of their very last cards to the Liga 2 game. The Scum can handle losing the promotion just fine – but losing promotion and saving HRO at the same time seems to much from a first point of view 🙂 So, in order to verify that everything is gonna go according to plan, the South End Scum will send two representatives to oversee the entire procedure in and out of the Stadium. Next post from Hamburg then and, let’s hope that we will preserve the Athens fans (SCUM and SPAK, in and out) winning streak vs HRO!!!


Match goals:

1:0 Schmidtgal (6′, Assist: Fürstner)

2:0 Asamoah (65′, Assist: Schmidtgal)

2:1 Saglik (90′, Assist: Bruns)

Spectators: 15500

Sankt Pauli cards: Bartels, Saglik

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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