What’s Next… Matchday 32

Posted: April 18, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

I don’t know how things will end up according our promotion in the first league. The only thing I know is that the boys in brown owe us a reason to get a party started in Millerntor. I believe that the time has come for such a party. The only thing that can make me leave the stadium happy next Sunday is victory, an astonishing victory that can send the fucking bastards to league 3 with their heads down.



Hansa Rostock (for the rest of this article I will refer to them as “bastards”) is our enemy for many years and history proves, with 4 wins and one defeat, that the bastards are our best clients. Let’s have a closer look at what happened in the field from 2008 and forth.

Season 2008/2009 and things started the wrong way in Rostock (home of the bastards). The boys in brown made a pretty amateur appearance so the bastards won the match with an easy 3-0. This was the only time they managed to win a game against St. Pauli in the recent history. Starting from the rematch in Millerntor, for matchday 23, the brown and white squad turned a lost game into victory in one half. The match started pretty ugly when the bastards managed to score twice in 5 minutes time with Myntti (2’) and Bartels (5’). For the rest of the half, the bastards, managed to keep the score to 2-0 by playing defensively and the boys in brown were unable to find their way to the nets. Second half started with our squad playing more aggressive, demanding the goal, which came in 53’ when Sako found his way to the nets. Things were looking pretty ugly until Hoilett (the star of the match) equalized the game in 72’ and brought hope back in Millerntor, but his show was not over. In 84’ he gave the lead to St. Pauli and secured the three points.

On season 2009/2010 St. Pauli conquered Rostock with a not so easy 0-2 score having Lehmann and Naki finding their way to the nets in the last 15 minutes (76’ and 84’) and finally securing victory. On the rematch things went smooth in Millerntor and the boys in brown stole victory with 2-0 score and their engines turned off. Ebbers opened the score in 41’ and Naki doubled it in 54’, 3 minutes before the referee through out of the game Boll and Retov after a close encounter between them.

For the current season, the first match was once more in Rostock and the bastards got what they deserve… defeat. Kruse opened the score in 40’ but a few minutes after the second half started, Mintal equalized the game (50’). The bastards were pretty sure that they will get away with a draw but Saglik had different opinion. In 80’ he gave the lead to St. Pauli, and in the additional time he secured victory by scoring once more in front of almost 30000 bastards.
Time for the rematch, and there is a good chance on humiliating the bastards this time in Millerntor. Let’s hope that I will bring good like with my presence in the stadium.

Hopping for the best… cheers!!

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