Matchday 32: FC Sankt Pauli – Hansa Rostock 3-0!

Posted: April 22, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Zweite Liga 2011-12

Two funerals today: one for fan culture…and another one for Hansa Rostock!!!




May Hamburg police tried to kill football fan culture today but we also tried (successfuly actually) to kill Hansa Rostock, The Nazi monkeys will sleep dreaming Liga 3 Hell tonight… more on this and a lot of things probably more important than the game in the full post that will follow sometime on Wednesday when Scum will be back in Athens and all these pictures, sounds and thoughts will have somehow been a little more organized inside our (more or less shaken) heads 🙂



    St Pauli are commie cowardly scum
    Hansa till i die

    • Zouz says:

      Whatever you say British Torry stallion – enjoy Liga 3 🙂


        the sooner St Pauli are driven out of there hovels and sewars and into the Elbe for a wash the better.

      • Samantha In Glasgow Scotland says:

        blimey Zouza why are you wearing a pair of ladies underwear on your head ?
        you look like some skanky warrior from gungadin or bonga bonga.

      • Zouz says:

        @Samantha: It’s not ladies underwear my dear – it’s a turban (!) but I probably “look like some skanky warrior from gungadin or bonga bonga” anyway 🙂


    Firstly I AM English not British
    Exeter City and Hansa Rostock but i do have a soft spot for HSV .

  3. Samantha In Glasgow Scotland says:

    you Bosch have no style man 🙂

    • Zouz says:

      No BUT we are really working on it ‘-)

      • Samantha in Glasgow Scotland says:

        you can’t be German Zouz
        you have a sense of humour.
        Ignore Len he proberly has a small penis like most English men.

      • Zouz says:

        @samantha: we’re Greeks but don’t be harsh with the Germans – there is lots of humor in Hamburg – just stick with the right people ‘-)

  4. Len Davey 13 Higher Wear rd Exeter says:

    my guess love
    is that he messed his pants when Hansa were in Hamburg along with the other commies and ihas put them on his head to dry after washing them.

    • Zouz says:

      Actually, it’s true…every time Hansa sets foot in Hamburg, it’s dramatic…3 days of running…running to hide…from Commie Hunters like you 🙂 Get a life…

      • Len Davey Exeter DEVON says:

        Greeks ?
        still sponging and scrounging off the Germans
        have you Greeks no shame /

      • Zouz says:

        No…Wir sind Zecken…it’s getting boring…probably I should hand you over to @Samantha…I think she will take care of you far more better…

      • Len Davey Exeter DEVON says:

        Hadrian should have built his wall twenty foot higher Samantha
        but i guess like most Jocks
        you would do anything for Scotland
        but live there.

      • Samantha In Scotland says:

        oh Dont worry about Len he comes from Devon known for its cider clotted cream and inbreeding and sheep shaging and Len thats not a penis hanging between your legs honey its an enlarged cliterous

      • Zouz says:

        Just speechless… Len??? Are these true lad??? Sheep shagging? Not plastic? Real sheep??? OMG…

  5. Len Davey In Exeter says:

    No it’s not true just a rumour spread by Cockney’s
    the only fucking of sheep happens in Wales.

  6. Len Davey In Exeter says:

    also Samantha you Scottish Witch
    i am very well hung

  7. Len Davey In Exeter says:

    ask my wife or hundreds of young girls all over Devon

    • Zouz says:

      Your “wife” (B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!) knows about the other young “girls”???

      • Samantha in Glasgow says:

        well hung drawn and quartered
        you should be Len
        for supporting Hansa Rostock
        and being a bit of a Gary Glitter
        with a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile
        it’s Len davey the peadaphile.

    • Robert Putt living in Teignmouth says:

      Who to support on saturday
      my heart say’s Chelsea but my head say’s Bayern Munich.



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