What’s Next… Matchday 33

Posted: April 25, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12

After a weekend that almost everything happened (a post will be published any time soon on how the South End Scum enjoyed his presence in St. Pauli) it is time to start thinking about the road to the first league. Three points collected in Millerntor after a brilliant appearance from the boys in brown against Nazi cunts and now it is time to do the same in Dresden. There is only one way to the first league, victory, and we must give a hell of a fight for it. Keep in mind that Fortuna is giving an away match against Greuther and they will probably get defeated. So it is a big change for us to climb to third place.

Let’s have a look at our current opponent and the history between the two teams…



Season 2003/2004 and Dresden is in better shape than St. Pauli. The match in Millerntor for matchday 3 ended with a draw after Agu giving the lead for the boys in brown (20’ and 36’), Bruckner giving a little help to Dresden by scoring on the wrong side of the field (70’) and finally Frohlich equalizing the game in 83’, although Wagfeld was out of the game since 71’ after a red card, leaving his teammates with a handicap.
On the rematch in Dresden for matchday 20 everything happened in the last 2 minutes. The match looked that will go for a draw dew to a large number of useless attempts for scoring by both teams but in 89’ Bittermann saw the red card and gave an advantage in St. Pauli in order to steal the match. Instead of this, Jovanovic found a way to score in 90’ and gave the three precious points to Dresden.

Season 2006/2007 and things are a little bit worst for St. Pauli. For matchday 18, Dynamo crushed St. Pauli in Dresden with a 3-0. Defeat came after an awful appearance by the defensive line while our scorers couldn’t find a way to reach the big box.
On the Millerntor rematch for matchday 37 both half’s where pretty equal for both teams. On the first half, Takyi opened the score with a penalty kick in 14’, but in the additional time David equalized the game. On the second half, Rothenbach found himself alone with the ball just inside the big box and did the obvious in 83’ but unfortunately Hensel equalized the game in 90’ and stole a point on behalf of Dresden.

On the current season, St. Pauli hosted a party in Millerntor for matchday 16 with Dresden as an honored guest. The first half was a little bit boring with only a few attempts for scoring. On the second half, Dedic had an unpleasant surprise for the Pauli fans by opening the score in 66’ but fortunately the boys in brown had a quick answer. Boll equalized the game in 71’, and Naki gave the lead two minutes later. While Dresden was pressing for the goal, Ebbers took the chance and scored in 85’, securing victory and giving the fans a reason to start singing song 2.

This time the task is not easy. Dynamo, although they have nothing to lose, will not give up without a fight. The boys in brown must stay concentrated and do their best in order to win. Hopefully the trip to Dresden will end up victorious for St. Pauli (and the trip to Furth will end up a disaster for Fortuna).



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