Matchday 33: Dynamo Dresden – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0…

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12
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The boys tried but didn’t make it – better luck next year…

The desperate faces of Boll and Saglik tell the whole story… this defeat means 99% the end of any promotion ambitions for this season and, unless something out-of-this-world happens next week, we better start getting used to the idea that we are playing Liga 2 again next season, something not necessarily bad 🙂


OK, everybody  knew that this one was not going to be a walk in the park… Promotion rivals Fortuna Düsseldorf had already felt the Dresden “hospitality” 2 weeks ago. Very strong squad at home, supported by a really HOT crowd and more or less a game that no sane team would choose as the one to fight for the entire season. In our case of course, there wasn’t a matter of choice, our incredible second round fuck-ups had made necessary an away victory (not even a draw) but it’s another thing saying it and another one doing it… So without many expectations, 7 scum people took the Sunday walk towards the other side of town where the best Sky Bundesliga source available was located…

During the opening minutes though, the FCSP squad showed clearly in the field that they really believe in the promotion and have different plans for the game. Pressure for the very beginning with the hosts showing a conservative approach to the game and trying to control the pace. First incident already on 2′ with Daube making a parallel high cross, following a march from the right flank but ball recipient, Ebbers at an excellent position, failed to control the ball correctly and the opportunity flew away. Game continued with the team trying to penetrate Dresden’s defense and the hosts looking for their chance in the counter attack. Another good opportunity for the Boys in Brown on 18′ when Fin Bartels after one of it’s known impressive marches, instead of giving the assist to one of the three Pauli players following, mistakenly found the only defender present in the box (Bregerie). The first BIG ONE happened on 25′! After an unsuccessful corner kick clearance, ball somehow ended in Schachten’s feet, just outside the right goal box corner – unfortunately the shot ended on Kirsten who saved almost a certain goal, giving away just a corner… Shock almost happened 2′ later on the other side of the field – Trojan executed a very trick corner kick from the right, Tschauner found himself in the wrong position but in the very last moment managed to save the goal with the help of his left vertical post (reminds you something?) and somehow ball was cleared afterwards! 10′ later, was our turn again – Schachten tried an excellent right shot a few meters outside the box but the crossbar saved Dresden. Last good chance of the first half for the hosts, after a clever free kick execution from Trojan which found completely unguarded Solga who luckily for us, tried to kill a communication satellite and first half concluded with the belief that maybe in the 2nd half, something’s gotta give…

A taste of the local crowd…

Second half resumed with FCSP trying for the golden goal. 47th minute, deep free kick from Daube in the heart of the penalty area where Marius got the header but with unfortunate results… Almost a deadly situation in our penalty area (49′) after a Thorandt major screw up, but Poté failed just a bit to catch up with the ball and kill FC Sankt Pauli…our turn right afterwards, with Kirsten getting to the ball before Bartels and Daube (not sure about this) missing the rebound shot. The shock happened on 54’… left cross (like a corner) from Schuppan found Koch ALL ALONE in front of Tschauner, who finished with a header and put the hosts on the driver seat: 1-0 and everything suddenly started looking like a mountain… Team tried to strike back but something just wasn’t there. One way or another we got very close to the equalizer on 66′ when Saglik (1st substitution on 63′) after a 40 meter run, split the ball left for Kruse who did the same for Ebbers, inside the box at the left but his attempt aiming the far corner, failed just a bit… 4′ later a, very good chance for FCSP following a right corner kick with Sobiech (2nd substitution on 68′) sending the ball just over the crossbar with a header… Next 10′ spent for nothing with the game being interrupted for fouls, cards, substitutions, injuries or whatever – the boys in Brown didn’t quit though – TREMENDOUS opportunity on 83′ with Bartels finding with a marvelous high cross, Schindler (3rd substitution on 74′) all alone in the right corner of Dresden’s goal box – he immediately tried the header but Kirsten saved one more certain goal… that was about all… massive attempts in the dying minutes even with Tschauner positioned inside opponents’ box in a desperate attempt didn’t pay up…Final score: Dynamo Dresden 1 – FC Sankt Pauli 0…

After the final whistle…

This seems like the end of the road for this season… As predicted (WOW! Finally a Scum correct prediction) we had our chance – Fortuna grabbed 1pt at Fürth but did not won. If we had managed to win today, a win next week vs Paderborn (anything but easy of course) would be all that required for the promotion. Now the situation seems like a disaster… Fortuna Düsseldorf must commit the ABSOLUTE SUICIDE – what’s this? LOSING at home to MSV Duisburg…of course draw in this match is also a good option as long as we manage to win with…10 goal difference 🙂

Anyway, hope always dies last and the Scum is almost certain that fellow FCSP fans will pack Millerntor next week, if for no other reason, to say thanks to the squad that may didn’t have the brains and the concentration required to promote, but for sure showed through the entire season, a hell of what’s FC Sankt Pauli is about: SOUL!!!

Off we go then!!! VORAN SANKT PAULI!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Koch (54′, Assist: Schuppan)

Spectators: 29184

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten, Naki, Kruse

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

PS: The Scum also feels the need to send a big salute to the friend in Hamburg who just got a 2 year ban, ending June 2014, for doing the right thing at Schweinske Cup and hopes only that this measures will not be expanded to all the 74 arrested fans… especially when the Lübeck fuck-ups that caused all this mess (of course taking full advantage of the HH Police’s incompetence), can go football whenever they feel like…

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