What’s next… matchday 34

Posted: May 3, 2012 by St. John in Zweite Liga 2011-12
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Any chance we had promoting to the first league is almost lost. We need a fuckin’ miracle in order to make it to the play-offs but it does not matter. The boys in brown must perform good quality football in order to keep their fans happy for the last time this season and of course to win the match. Our opponent is SC Paderborn who is also fighting for the play-offs so things will not be easy for St. Pauli. The two teams are pretty equal according to the league table and recent history. Let’s have a closer look…


Starting from season 2003/2004 both teams won their home match but on the next season things went a little bit wrong for Paderborn. Wojcik (22’), Mazingu (73’) and Agu (92’) organized a hell of a party in Hermann-Lons stadium in front of approximately 4000 guests. Final score 0-3.
On the rematch in Millerntor, thanks to Arifi (37’), the boys in brown managed to steal the game.

On season 2007/2008 for matchday 9 in Millerntor, the boys in brown saved the day by scoring twice in the first half with Braun (7’) and Takyi (19’ – penalty). Paderborn tried to react in the second half when Koen scored in 51’ but in 80’ everything ended when Rottger saw the red card. But this wasn’t enough, 4 minutes later, Krosche also saw the red card and took the chances of equalizing the game with him at the changing rooms.
On the rematch in Paderborn, the boys in brown completely lost it. After an equal first half which ended with 1-1 score, Paderborn smashed St. Pauli. Final score 4-1.

Season 2009/2010 and Paderborn managed to steal both games in the second half with 2-1 score (matchday 17) in Paderborn and 1-2 score (matchday 34) in Millerntor.

For the current season, the first match between two teams ended with a draw (1-1) and I believe that something similar will happen on Sunday in Millerntor.

As I mention at the beginning of this article, we need a miracle in order to make it to the play-offs. If there is a god… fuck him, I’m sticking with Joe Strummer. Hopefully Joe will put his hand on this…


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