Matchday 34: FC Sankt Pauli – SC Paderborn 07 5-0…

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2011-12
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A -supposed to be (5-0!!!) spectacular- end of season!

But, for some strange reason, something is not right…

Deniz Naki, minutes after his last FCSP match (Thanks: ‏ @YorksStPauli)

The boys in brown ended the season in an impressive way, liquidating promotion rivals SC Paderborn 07 with a self descriptive 5-0(!) for the last time in front of the Old Gegengerade, at a last spectacular show of the team that all FCSP fans loved (with all its pros and cons) all these years, started changing after Stani left last year, and (hope not…) will not probably be the same in the forthcoming season…

Yeps, it was impressive…yes, it was beyond every expectation…probably the meanest FCSP of this season BUT (except the minimal match data), no match coverage this time, for a variety of good reasons:

  • What the hell, we’ re doing this all damn season, we could let it loose for a change…
  • Can’t have a first eye 100% full description of the game. Spent the last 5 minutes, watching Fortuna Düsseldorf ending 2-2 vs MSV Duisburg, 5 minutes that everybody was moving so slow, that “forced” the referee to blow full time on 90:04, right after a substitution… Caught Naki’s last goal, on the replay…
  • A lot of things happened during the last days, turning this occasion into something more sentimental than supposed to be, hence no big mood, on describing match details…

One of the Gegengerade seats, taken back home (bought actually Scum heard…) by a lucky owner…

OK, a FEW things about the game – the Boys in Brown played for their pride and any bits of chances left, Paderborn simply didn’t believe, and the supposed to be a promotion-death-match turned, after half an hour or so,  to a last spectacular Gegengerade extravaganza! Game reached half time with FCSP leading by 2-0, only to resume for an even more amazing 2nd half against a guest team, already psychologically “crashed” and more or less incapable returning into the game – full time FCSP 5 – SC Paderborn 07 0!

Match goals:

1:0 Sobiech (30′, Assist: Funk)

2:0 M. Kruse (36′, Assist: Ebbers)

3:0 Bruns (60′, Assist: Ebbers)

4:0 Volz (65′)

5:0 Naki (90+1′,Assist: Ebbers)

Spectators: 24847

Sankt Pauli cards: Funk

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


GEGENGERADE: No matter how many words our sorry asses will say, talk is cheap when it comes to the end of life of one of the stronger symbols of the local fan culture. The Scum is just happy that got his chance to visit the place and pay the required respects, even during injury time (matchday 32), something that we didn’t have the chance to do with the Old Südkurve… Yes, it was old, it was about time but still will be missed to a lot of people and almost all of them bound tighter to the place than the Scum. Bye bye to the old one, let’s make the new one a place that really deserved all this!

The mighty Gegengerade, full for the last time…

A few quick words about the season: Full of thrill, excitement, add your own words here to describe the most intense feelings possible… A BROWN & WHITE squad very competitive especial during first round and full of soul, strength and will towards the end of the season when they tried to reverse the already unpleasant situation, outcome of OUR incredible fuck-ups actually, during early 2012. A team that tried 100% (one thing trying and another one doing :-)) and came incredibly close to a promotion that didn’t deserve 🙂 Our direct rival Fortuna Düsseldorf, even though they made some major screw-ups (these idiots almost saved HRO!!!) themselves, was in the end a winner when coming to small but decisive details. If it was all only about football, we could speak about a positive season – Scum says THUMBS UP for the entire (hmmm… we’ll get to this later) squad and we will resume backing these guys up, with the same enthusiasm regardless of success after the torture summer break ends – Welcome FC Köln to the Hell of Liga 2!!! It will be one hell of a season 🙂 Still though, sometimes things are not only about football…

A few words about the last days: we have the strange feeling here, that during the last 2-3 days, Pandora’s box has opened, unleashing all the bad news that didn’t make the news through the entire season, in almost a weekend. Naki is out, Kruse on the way to SC Freiburg, Saglik almost on the way out, who knows who’s coming next (thankfully Marius extended his contract), an article coming from Bild (OK, never complete trust to these guys) describing INCREDIBLE (when talking Sankt Pauli wise) situations, and not really challenged by anyone and last but not a least, an explosive situation within the Club. These are anything but good omens regarding the next season but this is just May, a lot of things to take place, we better wait and see the outcome…but we can’t avoid mentioning once more fuckin’ crazy FCSP freak, Deniz Naki… The guy, that you see crying on the central post picture, minutes after scoring his last FCSP goal wanted to stay but had no offer from the club to extend his contract. A lot of things have been said – some people said that is very sad but the guy has to go… Technically, they’ re probably right but in such a special special club as FCSP is (especially during the “modern football” era) we desperately need Sankt Pauli wackos like him and Pliquett, if not for any other reason, just to inspire and boil the number of players that just come and go into the FCSP “what’s is all about spirit. Speaking about people come and go…

Andre Schubert: The Scum NEVER liked this guy. In the beginning probably just because he was the successor of Stani but during 2012 just because we didn’t think that the guy is the right one for the job. Of course, like mighty Harry Callahan used to say, “opinions are like assholes – everybody has one” and still we are not football experts but football fans, we decided to keep our mouth shut. We’ve been very consistent about this throughout the entire season – there was never a simple innuendo about Schubert … Even now, with the promotion lost, we weren’t suppose to discuss anything…we were never being obsessed  “being number 1” …we don’t care, have been all over this before…

BUT, when we read all that was written at the press, recall the strange way Hennings left and learn (from reliable sources) that a “council” of the team, including people like Boll and Morena, visited the administration to express their concern for the situation in the dressing rooms, things start taking another turn. According to latest news, the guy stays for the next season, after a 3-hour meeting with the management, with Helmut Schulte  (the guy that hired the coach and it’s his “manager” in organization terms) MISSING from the meeting… We would like to believe (a little tough) that the entire thing was over inflated by the yellow press and all will come in order but this seems like not to be the situation – the actual situation seems more like a truce…the Scum cares only about one thing: if the Bild story (especially 2-3 specific incidents inside) have any real base. IF (A BIIIG IF) even some of these things are true, the guy should be thrown out of the window NOW even if he is the EXTRA Special One… we’re not about titles – we are about mentality – such behaviors (IF occurred) are simply unacceptable… Enough on this for now, we’ll get back on this sometime along the way…

OK, season is over…now what?

Summer’s coming up – a good chance to slow the pace a while and gather energy that will will be fully required during next season. Of course, this page will not be left looking completely dead – Scum will be somewhere around watching from a close distance and if anything happens in the meantime, we ‘ll get back in style – having also one or two ideas about keeping the blog lively during summer, but we are somehow lazy bastards and heat has already started increasing slightly here 🙂

The Scum just officially declared the beginning of the summer season!

VIVA SANKT PAULI!!! Enjoy you summer everybody!

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