Interview: Meet Sankt Pauli Brasil!

Posted: May 21, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews
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Summer season is not only a good chance for lying our lazy asses on beaches and going to the supermarket wearing FC Sankt Pauli shorts 🙂 It also represents a good opportunity of dealing with issues that, during the season frenzy with the known match preview-match report-here we go again “routine”, don’t get the attention that we’d like to show. Our favorite one is FCSP fans around the world. Hence, when we somehow reached the FC Sankt Pauli Brasil blog last week (in the opposite side of the planet!), the coherence was automatic. Got in contact with these guys (they haven’t actually claimed the “official” fan club status yet but after this is completed they rightfully maintain their place in our “Fan Clubs!” link section), sent a few questions and Luciana was kind enough to answer them in almost no time. Seems that some interesting stuff is in progress there…

Could you give us a few details on the early history of Sankt Pauli Brasil? When and were the club was initially founded? How many people were initially evolved?

St. Pauli Brasil isn’t a fan club, yet. It’s only a Brazilian blog about St. Pauli. Me and the St Pauli Brasil crew are working on it and soon we will have our own official fan club.

But the blog started because I have started to be a fan from the club and never found any article, text and others in Portuguese, only few ones in English and most in German. Even I was studying German, it wasn’t enough to understand the texts. So I decided to start to write about St Pauli in Portuguese.

What’s the present situation of the Club? How many people generally involved, how many of them belong to the “core of the club” and participating actively?

As an official group, none. As I said before, we aren’t an official fan club yet. So we have around 13 people involved initially with the project and then we will spread to the rest of the country. Brazil has many St. Pauli fans. We just don’t have the right numbers yet.

How you “define” yourselves? Are you primary Sankt Pauli fans or fans that are primarily active in local football  and share a common interest for FC Sankt Pauli? If you are a little of both, how this works within the club?

Well everybody have your own football preference here in Brazil. We have interested people from every place in Brazil, so many different preferences. So we prefer to let our preferences a bit out of the St Pauli topics.

WHY you decided to start a FCSP Fan club on the other side of the globe, in the first place?

It was a natural decision. I have the blog since 2009 and I saw that the numbers of fans was growing. So we (me and the crew), decided that it was in time to make the project to the official fan club.

How do you keep any relations with other fans (or clubs) around the country? Are there any other active FCSP fans in Brazil, except you guys?

We have some groups around internet. Facebook, Twitter, orkut help us to have contact with fans around the country. Until now we are the only group I know.

Do you guys have some steady place watching the games? Can you describe us a “typical” Sankt Pauli matchday of you?

We use to watch at home, at the internet, because they don’t stream the matches here in Brazil. But we do kinda a live chat when the matches are happening.

It must be hard following a team that plays half-the-earth away… Did any of you ever have the chance to watch FC Sankt Pauli playing? Some of you traveling regularly maybe?

I have a friend that have already been at Millerntor. I use to travel but have never been there before and I’m doing plans to watch a match one day.

Name your 2 favorite Sankt Pauli players and tell us why 🙂

Deniz Naki and Marius Ebbers. I can’t explain so well why i like them. To be honest all the team have a different way to talk with the supporters, so close, almost a personal realtion. They dont have that superstar way, like the players at the other teams and specially here in Brazil. The ‘superstars’ don’t allow you to get close too much and sometimes complain and I see the St Pauli players always so close to the supporters. I just feel that i have more affection to Deniz and Marius, but I like them all.

Please, give us some details about football in Latin America in terms of fan culture. What are the main differences in the way people live football between Latin America and Europe?

Well, lately Ι can’t see difference between football culture in Latin America and Europe. I guess both people are passionate about football.

But I guess Latin Americans are a bit more, because we born hearing about football, most of the greatest players from today and the past, are from Latin America. It’s the national sport for the most of the Latin America countries.

In Brazil, people don’t use to work when Brazil squad is playing at the World Cup matches.

Lots of football violence in Latin America. Is it just football violence (for good social reasons, of course) or it’s sometimes related one way or another to certain social or political issues like sometimes in Europe?

I can say about Brazil. As many people know Brazilian are very passionate people about football. So when you chose a club, it’s turn part of your life. But some people take it too serious.

Because of this you can see many violence at the stadiums (at the moment isn’t allowed any alcohol into the stadiums). Now and then you hear that someone died because of the fight between supporters from different clubs. It’s very sad, when you think that football would be something to make you happy and have people that act this way.

Any plans or expectations regarding Sankt Pauli Brasil in the near future?

Our plans are to end the project about the official fan club and to have many good news about the club during the next season.

If a guy, spotted you with a Sankt Pauli t-shirt on the street was coming to you and ask “Why Sankt Pauli?”, what would you respond?

I even don’t know how to explain exactly. I knew through an old boyfriend. I use to say that boyfriend gone but the love about St. Pauli stays. It is a passion that I can’t really explain.

If something is missing, feel free to say it below:

Thanks for the interview. Forza St. Pauli!

  1. louleal says:

    Thank you guys!! As soon we have news, We’ll tell you.

  2. pounks says:

    crass μπλουζα ο ενας, driller killer tattoo ο αλλος….αυτα ειναι!!!

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