Project Name: FCSP Squad Demolition, Project Managers: Stefan Orth/Andre Schubert, Project Status: In Progress (Morena added)…

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Zouz in News
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Fabio Morena: You’ll never walk alone…

If you don’t know who Fabio Morena is, no problem. You’re here probably by mistake, you can go on enjoying your web surfing experience. For all the others:

Fabio, after 9 years, 104 league games and countless invaluable moments is leaving Millerntor. Of course, leaving FCSP wasn’t his choice – there was just no place for him into the squad, after Andre Schubert bought during the winter break 2 players in his position, coming…from his former club SC Paderborn 07

Of course, anybody can argue that is very normal for a trainer to bring along 1-2 players from his former club, players he know and trust. But look a little bit more carefully… Look at the moves that have been made during the season, the problems they solved, and (most important of all) the players that have left the team…

My lousiness (this is a presonal opinion), thinks that the story is a little different…It’s not about the football or market value of the players – we may see “big” names and really good players joining Millerntor (hope so!) in the forthcoming season. This thing it’s not even about football…

Have seen this happening not only in football but (mostly) in working environments…. like the new fuckin’ CEO who’s  first action is to replace his direct “subordinates” with his obedient and “trusted” people. It’s all about fuckin’ control…the majority of the players left Sankt Pauli during the season had one thing in common…they were in the Club for years, very connected to the fans and most of them had “Character”. Seems like the classic case of a guy that “reconstructs” his environment to suit his needs…

Maybe Mr. Schubert really tries to make a better football team. But:

a) there are always ethical limits and in this case have been overcomed – don’t forget Hennings

b) we’re Sankt Pauli fans – we don’t go to Millerntor to admire highly paid professionals – we enjoy football our own way and the bonds between us and the team are (at least so far) much much stronger than the average player-fans relation. We don’t want mercenaries – we want in the squad people who love, live and breath Sankt Pauli…like the majority of players left this season…

Hope only Fabian Boll will not be the next victim of this “gentleman”. Fortunately, seems quite necessary to the squad but on the other hand, is the perfect candidate… Maybe it’s about time to wake up, have some coffee and get to work because, I think we (Sankt Pauli fans) are getting screwed BIG TIME here…

PS: And of course, Mr. Schubert is not alone in this. Already been through the details, here:


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