9/6/12: BIG friendly match and for a very noble cause! Everybody there!

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Seems that June will be a HOT football month! And if, when thinking football in June, you think Euro 2012, you are comletely off topic! Screw EURO 2012 and the commercial nationalistic bullshit that goes along! We have the real thing going on this month…

Fortunately, it will take place in our neigborhood 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s only a single day event…

We’ re talking about a BIG friendly here: Αστέρας Εξαρχείων (Asteras Exarcheion! ha ha!) vs Προοδευτική Τούμπας (Proodeftiki Toumpas! Hardcore greeklish!). The place is Alepotrypa, home of Asteras. For those unaware of what Αστέρας Εξαρχείων (located in Athens) and Προοδευτική Τούμπας (located in Salonica) are about,  these two squads are the perfect example of teams ran BY THE FANS FOR THE FANS and more or less the way football should be like. These clubs, along with a few other anonymous heroes, are following their long alternative way, actually long before any other known experiment of this kind (the friends of FCUM for example) takes place, but they ‘re just out of big focus, lost among  the modern Greek professional football decay… Both clubs playing towards the last local amateur leagues and both clubs supported by relatively small but impressively loyal fan cores, hence such a friendly is expected to be nothing less than a true against-modern-football feast 🙂

The game is also taking place for a very good cause. All money collected will go to financial aid of Partisan Minsk (ex MTZ-RIPO) a team (for those who still don’t know) from Belarus, abandoned by the president and all the other vultures until fans arrived to the rescue. They took over and managed after an impressive mobilization, lots of hard work and with some good solidarity from all around Europe to keep the team alive so far! And we’ re talking about an antifacist/antiracist fan core, located in a very “difficult” neighborhood of Europe… So, this is not only an entertaining football-beer-weed Summer afternoon but also a good chance to give a helping hand to the guys up there 🙂

This is expected to be something… if living here, coming is considered mandatory! If, just being incidentaly here, is an one time chance you don’t wanna miss, as long as you feel about footbal the way we do, of course 🙂

The entire thing is organized by the Radical Fans United in cooperation with the 2 clubs. The date is Saturday, June 9th and the time is 18:00. Everybody there!!!

Location information (for those who missed the link!)


A very interesting leaflet prepared for the match (most of it in Greek, .pdf format)

Match leaflet pages 1&4

Match leaflet pages 2&3

  1. ANTINAZI says:

    gia emas pou den 8a mporesoume na er8oume , pws mporoume na dwsoume oikonomikh enisxysh?

    • Zouz says:

      Φαντάζομαι πλατεία τις μέρες εκεί γύρω – γνωστά τα πρόσωπα ‘-)

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