Brutal Attack! Northern Barbarians captured Athens!!! Asteras Eksarcheion 0 – Proodeftiki Toumbas 2 :-)

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Athens Ultras proudly exhibiting a captured flag of the enemy BEFORE final defeat 🙂

Oh yeah! Despite the merciless Sun Attack and a few other football related activities going on, all interested parties were there! Two of the most unique teams of the country, the loyal hardcode fan base  from both sides sitting side by side (or mixed in certain occasions), people generally interested in real football (among them a few fans from abroad), more or less all the ingredients for something good were in place and the 3-4 hours spent in Alepotrypa justified the expactations for good. This WAS indeed one of the BIG games of the season 🙂

The place and time was set weeka ago: Αστέρας Εξαρχείων vs Προοδευτική ΤούμπαςAlepotrypa9/6/12 – 18:00. The Scum coverage crew (!!!) arrived one hour before kick-off. The weather conditions were harsh and the field seemed most suitable for a Rommel vs  Montgomery encounter than a football match…but nobody seemed to bother. A mix of the guys from Salonica already arrived by bus, the first Athens fans to arrive, people from the Radical Fans United (event organization!) and squad personnels had already occupied the limited space under the two (big) umbrellas, outside the dressing rooms sharing beer, opinions, t-shirts, smoke, etc, etc, while some other wackos where trying to play football inside. A family atmosphere, to begin with ‘-)

Alepotrypa 17:00

While time was passing, things slowly begun taking more and more life. A minimal sound system at the end of the terrace, a bench selling Προοδευτική Τούμπας merchandise (got some!) and the table with the box intented for money going to the financial aid of Partisan Minsk (ex MTZ-RIPO) were setup within 15′ while the terrace bar was being built (from beer skeps – all finished long before the end!) and coals started burning for the traditional BBQ activities. 75 mins later (15 after scheduled kick-off but nobody was in a really hurry under such weather conditions) everything and everybody was in place and things got on the way.

What happened within the next two hours, could be more easily described by splitting things in two parts:

Inside the field: (get over with it quick!)

Proodeftiki dominated the field, secured the match by achieving 2 goals before half an hour on the clock, lost incredible chances achieving 2-3 more and Asteras should be happy that made half time losing only 0-2. No excuses about end of season, heat, etc, etc… The fact that for some reason (that nobody can explain) almost all players of Proodeftiki were looking before the match like they just arrived from Jamaica (like me, I could say 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) says it all!

During half time Asteras changed t-shirts and return inside wearing white but luck didn’t changed. Lots of things happened in front of boath keepers, but lots more were happening on the terraces so the only thing that we can say with certainty is that no other goals were achieved and, after a balanced second half, match ended 0-2 right at the time that Sun decided to hide 🙂

Outside the field:

Just, Football the way it should be… real football atmosphere (when not sharing booze or weed) and people from different cities and squads   enjoying football together in a very special way, respecting eachother’s presence and practicing humor in a way probably “shocking” for the  “traditional” Greek football culture. For those from abroad and unamware, the Bulgarian flag you see on the top, is one of the most used Hate symbols in Greek football for the past 30 years. It was a widespread habbit back in the days (fading fortunately lately) for the majority of the Athens footbal fans to call Salonica fans “Bulgarians” implying that Salonica doesn’t or shouldn’t belong to Greece but to our Northern neighbours, Bulgaria – an issue that has caused lots of contradiction in Greece during the years, even outside football… the Scum says: when you see Athens people raising up the Bulgarian flag and singing “mocking” chants to their Salonica colleagues (right beside them) and they respond in a similar humorous way and this is going on and on, then this is true fuckin’ football civilization – Fuck UEFA! This is RESPECT 🙂

These were 3,5 hours full of pure football (and not only fun). A remarkable gathering of people in an extremely positive atmosphere, speaking the same language (not Greek dummy!), sharing experiences and thoughts, having creative talk and showing (without anybody caring to do so) that a different kind of football can exist here… We’re not aware of the exact amount of money finally gathered for the MTZ-RIPO cause but the box seemed to get well even before kick-off – if anyone knows the final outcome, please feel free posting it on the comment section below. Regardless that the place was not 100% full, this thing should be considered a damn success! Hope only, that in one year from now, everything will still be in place and this friendly will be repeated here or in Salonica – Asteras’ second ever “International” game!!!

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  1. northern barbarian No.3 says:

    Funny greek culture 😀

  2. pounks says:

    600 και κατι ψιλα απο μπυρες/κουτι/σουβλακια/κονκαρδες!!!

  3. macdeath says:

    Μας την κεράσαν την τσαπού οι Βούλγαροι αλλά δεν πειράζει.


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