Interview: F.C. Sankt Pauli Catalunya supporters!

Posted: June 27, 2012 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews
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Summer blog preservation activities continue 🙂 After the wackos from Brasil, back to Europe again. The area is Catalunya and the city is Barcelona. Got in contact with one of the two FCSP Fan Clubs of the city (initially we thought there is only one – gets better – keep reading!) F.C. Sankt Pauli Catalunya supporters and Baptista was kind enough to spend some time answering our questions about the Sankt Pauli fanscene there, in an interview that was proven highly entertaining for more than one reasons 🙂

Can you give us a short story of the club?

We started on April 1st 2011 when 3 friends visited Hamburg to see our St. Pauli against Schalke 04. Only for one of us was the second time in Hamburg and not a new trip and town for him 🙂

How many people currently involved in the Club and how many of them considered “active”?

We are around 60 people, but 15-20 really active “to spread the word”, hahaha

After a quick tour at your website (, seems to the Scum that we’re talking about a quite active club. Are there any particular activities except running the web-site and traveling to Hamburg from time to time? If yes, does the club runs the spontaneous way or there are “teams” organized or specific people taking care of them?

Guys, we don’t have a website (Scum comment: WHAT????*), we have a facebook group and the twitter account that you know,!/FCSPCatSupport.  We are a different club than the others, we are 2 clubs in Catalonia.

Regarding activities, not much except traveling to Hamburg to see Sankt Pauli and organize dinners together. We want to do a book introduction on September, a book  called “Football for Freedom”.

* Scum comment: Of course these guys are right – the author (fuckin’ me!), within it’s weed smoking frenzy, confused F.C. Sankt Pauli Catalunya supporters (our guys here!) with Sankt Pauli Fanclub Catalunya (the other fanclub in the area), without even noticing the difference in the name. Of course, shit happens but…not for one month or so – some method required here!

a) Dearest apologies to our friends F.C. Sankt Pauli Catalunya supporters 🙂

b) Sankt Pauli Fanclub Catalunya, if you incidentally reading this and have the time, the Scum will be more than happy to make a piece about you as well 🙂

Is there some kind of “membership” in order to be part of the club or it’s an “organization” open to anybody into FCSP and living around?

At this moment it’s open to anybody that he want it to live and enjoy with St. Pauli in Catalonia

We are aware of other FC Sankt Pauli fan cores in Spain. Are you in any more or less organized kind of contact with these guys? Is there something like a “network” of Sankt Pauli fans at Spain?

Yes, of course. We have contacts with other fan cores like Beste Bat (Euskal Herria), Penya Fora de Joc (Mallorca) and Peña El Grano (Valladolid) There are some good friends for us.

This is the spanish network, but it’s a little poor activity 😦

Do you know anything about Greek football and fan scene, except the 2-3 regular teams playing European cups?

Unfortunately no, sorry. (Scum comment: only a very few things about Greek footbal to be sorry missing – don’t be!)

Of course, most (if all members of the club) support local clubs as well. Does this work well along within your club? Did you ever have to deal with “incidents” regarding local “rivalries” within?

Our members support different teams in Spain, RCD Espanyol, FC Barcelona, Celta de Vigo, Palamòs, R. Madrid. Some of this clubs are opposites but at this moment we have a very good feeling between us because we all share the same love for FC St. Pauli.

Having already read the Yorkshire piece, we know that the club is not only about football but interested in social affairs as well (anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-etc ☺). Does this happen at a personal or at a club level?

Of course this it’s a personal opinion, but for the rest of the members, things are the same. And for our club that’s the only way.

A few words about the past FC Sankt Pauli season in Bundesliga 2?

A good season but at the last matches we didn’t have any good luck and, because of it, we stopped at the doors to pass to Bundesliga 1

Any thoughts on the “crisis” that FCSP seems going through at the moment?

We don’t know at the moment what FCSP makes but we know that we always are on the side of the working class. We are a different club.

Free section: anything probably missed by us or you 🙂

A very big pleasure for us, specially for me, to know other people that have the same craziness.

Cheers from Catalonia!!!

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    Good Article!
    Hello to all our friends in Catalunya!

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