News: 4th RFU festival begins!

Posted: July 6, 2012 by Zouz in News

Radical Fans United are organizing for the 4th consecutive year the R.F.U. annual festival on July 6th, 7th and 8th! The place is the usual one: Strefi Hill (Lofos Strefi!) in Eksarcheia district. For those not familiar with R.F.U. , this is an excellent opportunity to learn what they are about…

Radical Fans United is a community of  Greek football fans (wearing any possible colors!) founded on 2007. It’s consisted of people believing in a different kind of football, that unites people instead of dividing them. These guys are into a lot of things for the past 5 years – one of them is their annual festival which, consistent to the tradition, opens it’s doors today.

These will be three days full of football (5×5 tournament as well as a 3×3 basketball one!), music (guest DJs and bands), football culture related discussions and any kind of similar activity (cinema, book/fanzine exhibition, etc). A visit (at least) by the place during these three days, is  considered mandatory for any alternative football fan being in Athens!

Useful links:

Radical Fans United blog

R.F.U. annual festival

See you around the hill 🙂


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