4th RFU festival: Saturday night fever :-)

Posted: July 9, 2012 by Zouz in Other...

At the time this is written, the 4th RFU fest is still going on, but since the Scum correspondent (my sorry ass!) won’t be able to make it on the hill today, and unless something extra-ordinary happens today, it’s impression time 🙂

Arrived somehow late (around 9pm) . All activities (exept the gig) were located at the area around the outdoor basketball court  and the place was full of fucking life! Lots of people and lots of POSITIVE energy! 5×5 qualifying tournament at the court and a lot of activities all around at the same time. The entire wired fence decorated with fanzines, flyers and other football relevant cool hard copy stuff. A kiosk selling books, fanzines, t-shirts e.t.c. (at a quite affordable cost :-)) as well as bar and food (strictly souvlaki!) facilities and a DJ (of course!) somewhere in a corner playing non-stop R’N’R’! The rocks behind the court also occupied by people and banners of clubs/communities participating…fuck yeah! A good place to be on Saturday evening 🙂

The book kiosk…

The arena 🙂

…and the Life Support facilities!

The tournament proven actually quite fun to watch! Very fancy atmosphere, a crowd really enjoying the event, friends, firecrackers, pyros, beer, whisky, weed etc, etc and 5×5 football the middle with only referee according to the house rules…the fans (!!!) something that actually didn’t need need to happen, at least yesterday 🙂 No Champions League level football of course but nobody was giving a fuck about it…atmosphere highlight, the live match commentator / timekeeper who had a World class performance, for anybody lucky enough hearing the microphone jewels within this small pandemonium 🙂



A little break after tournament day conclusion and slowly people and structures started moving towards the open theater for the gig to follow. The Dark Rags along with The Ducky Boyz were the bands supposed to handle the “entertainment” part and they actually managed it quite well! About 2 hours of simple and plain Rock’n’roll, people having a hell of a a time, both bands enjoying as much as the crowd, what more could anybody ask?  The “plan” was about leaving the place before the end of the gig but just couldn’t do it with The Ducky Boyz on stage 🙂






If something more needs to be said before closing, it’s this: the RFU guys deserve a lot of respect here…not because they organized a succesful event for the 4th consecutive year, but because they have been consistent in doing things (not only the festival – there’s also the Humba zine and lots of other stuff) all these years and (the most important) without big talk, fuzz and similar bullshit… Thumbs up for the RFU crew and looking forward to the next good one!

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 …and for the end, something for us, the poor FC Sankt Pauli fans, noticed in one of the boards 🙂

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