Matchday 1: Erzgebirge Aue – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: August 4, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Happy Season fellow FCSP maniacs!!! (not much to tell about the game anyway)

Source: MOPO

Finally, after more than one month of longing and suspense, we finally had the chance to watch the new FCSP. The 5 Scum heroes that are still in town instead of an island or resort, gathered together at home (no TV coverage in Greece – Pay TV preferred Hertha-Paderborn – and they were right!), watched the match the illegal way ( 🙂 ) and, in the end, agreed on 2 things:

  • This was a completely shitty game!
  • (the main point) Too early to jump into any kind of conclusion about the team – we have to wait and see more…


The dramatic squad “renewal” taking part during the last two months had alreadly launched curiosity and adrenaline up to high levels since we didn’t have any clue (the absense on TV coverage on friendlies helped) on what kind of FCSP we’re expecting on the pitch and the fact that on the starting line-up were only three newcomers (Mohr, Kringe, Thy) didn’t offered any sense of “stability” 🙂

After the first 5′ where Erzgebirge Aue (which made our asses scarlet from kicking last year, for those who don’t remember) seemed more in control of the game, FCSP started showing some initiative. Rookie Lennart Thy, looking at quite a mood, made the first good effort (18′) with a 19m shot after a nice slalom but Männel was watching and a corner was the only thing won. 8′ later, an “aaaaaaaahhhhh” filled the room as Super-Mario missed for a moment his appointment with the net after a poisonous right cross from Bartels. From this point it was  all about boredom… except 2 consecutive free kicks for the hosts (33′, 37′) both slightly over Tschauner’s crossbar, nothing was looking able to interrupt our slumber…until 44′ (accckk!) when Florian Bruns, after a quick ball exchange got himself at the edge of the box face-to-gace against Männel but the Aue keeper responded to the challenge just fine. Half time whistle, 0-0…

Ebbers’ chance on 26′ (Source:

After 5′ into second half, the best chance of the game for FCSP occured when an almost certain header from the left edge of the goal box coming from Ebbers was saved to a corner thanks to Männel’s EXCELLENT reflexes…Corner executed, the almost perfect header by Boll a little right to the penalty spot, AGAIN Männel (Scum Man of the match!) to a corner…At this point we started thinking that maybe we can get something out of this game – 8′ later, another big chance but noone was in place to collect the take-it-and-score low right cross by Bruns. This was our last chance of the match… FCSP kept initiative and field control at some level but without further worries for the hosts. On the contrary, Aue gave ground but got very close killing us a few times on the counter attack. On 78′ Kocer made the onslaught from the left into the box but sent the ball just outside Tschauner’s guarded corner… Things got DEAD serious on the very next minute when Sylvestr got in  our box from the exact same flank (hhhhhhmmmm…) humilated the entire FCSP defense but his shot was saved by… the South End Scum Supernatural Powers who drove the ball to the opposite post ( 🙂 ). Our 3-minute-nightmare ended one minute later with a shot from Müller driven 2-3m over our post to the right – so did the game… during the last 10′ both teams were looking quite happy with the draw – one last attempt from Ebbers on 89′ (missed under pressure) and that was it…

Boller in action (Source: 90elf)

A somehow weird game. On the one hand, it was extremely boring… On the other hand, the final score doesn’t reflect the truth at all – both teams deserved a goal… The draw seems like a quite fair result. The mood after full-time whistle, was slightly more optimistic comparing to the pre-game situation. Yeah, probably we could do better, but for sure we could do much worse as well… Always tough playing football this time of the year and it get’s even trickier for a squad that has radically changed during the past 2 months. If this changes were the correct ones or not, is something that time will tell. For now, seems that we just have to wait and see if Andre Schubert’s (hated by the Scum due to his attitude anyway!) new squad has the ability to achieve what was lost at the end last season: the promotion to the Fuckin’ Bundesliga!!!

Good luck to the Boys in brown and a Rock’N’Roll season to all of us 🙂 🙂 🙂

Match goals:


Spectators: 12200

Sankt Pauli cards: ThorandtBartels

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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