Matchday 2: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Ingolstadt 04 1-1

Posted: August 12, 2012 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2012-13
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Tasteless FC Sankt Pauli…

Source: Yorkshire St. Pauli

The emotional farewell to ex-President Gunter Peine (passed away on August 2nd on his 92nd birthday), the “opening” of the new Gegengerade and the return of Ralph Gunesch home (even with different colors) were probably the things to remember from yesterday’s game. Things to keep from yesterday’s performance? Don’t ask…


The game (let’s get over with it…) :

Game started in the desired way with FCSP in control and FC Ingolstadt 04 somehow watching their defence. First chance on 7′ – a 20m direct shot from Fin Bartels stopped by Özcan’s fists – Marius Ebbers got immediatelly the rebound only to aim with a volley the upper Südkurve section… about 25 minutes of boredom, Scum gossip and not only, joint rolling, pizza & beer consuming, etc, etc intervened until 30′ when a Kringe direct cross shot after a Daube corner from the left that bounced on someone… The first BIG chance of the game occured on 37′ for the guests, when a thunderstruck from Caiuby rattled Tschauner’s left post junction and woke everybody up, including the FCSP squad who showed actual signs of life in the next 2 minutes 🙂 A 20m direct volley from Bartels on 41′, just out of the box facing the net, hit probably the same fan who felt Marius’ power on 7′. BIG chance for FCSP on the very next minute when a cross by Lenard Thy going directly to Ebbers who was waiting for the kill, intercepted by the unaware Bartels who wasted the chance with a header to the sky – half time whistle…

WTF?!? (source:

After 10 minutes in the second half that look much like the first (the beer etc part), almost everything happened in 2 minutes! 55′: Caiuby dribbled from the right flank of the box the Brazillian way and served to Eigler for the kill. 0-1… BUT, before even we have the chance to start cursing ( 🙂 ), on the very next minute came the equalizer! Right high deep cross by Daube and Florian Mohr didn’t miss the chance and with a bouncy header to Özcan’s left corner scored for the 1-1! Unfortunately, after the 2-minute-drama there was slumber time again for everybody. This time was not only about our incompetence to create something – consecutive substitutions and a defensive mentality that the guest developed played also their part. A good 16m shot from Ebbers (72′) slightly over Ingolstadt’s crossbar was the only thing worth watching for the next 25 mins. Daniel Ginczek’s entrance on 82′ though (along with the extra space given by the retreating guests), seemed that brought some “new air” within the team – right after his entrance he almost put the entire neighborhood on fire, when after getting the ball guarded around the penalty spot, made a fool out of 2 Ingolstadt defenders, got himself in the killing position and… missed 🙂 Corner on 85′ – ball ended up to Kringe (this guy seems to have some strong shot) on the left edge of the box who fired and missed by a few centimetres aiming Özcan’s guarded corner. Same luck for Saglik on 88′ after a 16m shot following an onslaught and ending just over the other corner! Last and good chance of the game on 89′ when Özcan succesfully stopped Ginczek’s shot from somewhere around the penalty spot. Game ended with 1 minute injury timy (how the fuck can this happen with 6 substitutions on the 2nd half???) and a bitter taste on our lips…

…after the equalizer (source:, photo: dapd)

The Omens are not looking good at all… seems that the will and the passion still exist in the new squad. We saw everybody trying to do their best in the field – nobody can even imply that we saw a bunch of lazy asses in the field. But just the desire to play and win is not enough, especially at high level football – some coaching is required as well. And if we wanna go a step further, we’re FC Sankt Pauli fans – we ALWAYS support our team WIN OR LOSE and we can suit ourselves just fine with good football instead of victories. But…this squad doesn’t play attractive footbal either… what we were discussing yesterday after the match was over, wasn’t the fact that we failed to win Ingolstadt at home and have 2 pts in 2 games, but the fact that this squad is simply boring and this is something that depends more on the team “philosophy” than the players … This squad along with all Sankt Pauli fans deserves something better at the end of the bench than Andre Schubert who (always according to the Scum) has already failed another and more serious (when talking FC Sankt Pauli) test: the test of Character…

Match goals:

0:1 Eigler (55′, right shot, assist: Caiuby)

1:1 Mohr (56′, header, assist: Daube)

Spectators: 18309

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (good work!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


Outside the field:

Günter Peine

Günter Peine at the 100 years celebration (Millerntor, May 2010)

Yes, we are the Scum, we have a big mouth and we’re sometimes even cheeky. BUT when we come to case such as late FCSP president Günter Peine even we have to shut up… We don’t feel even worthy to speak about a man that his FCSP history is longer than the ages of the two eldest members of the Scum added together… Quiet and Respect is the only fit behavior. The only thing that I’m personally feeling allowed to do, is write a few words on what people like Günter Peine mean to us: a symbol of the true FC Sankt Pauli spirit in contrast with all the modern-era-football “businessmen” or “executives” who consider football as a product and fans as consuming units, people that have their personal wealth and social status higher in their priority list than football and all other things that unite us. This spirit will live as long as there are people to honour it – to fight in order to preserve these (known to all of us) values is the best tribute that anyone can pay (yes, even better than renaming Millerntor to “Günter Peine Staduim”!)…

For those who don’t know who we’re talking about, here’s a small article written by Yorkshire St. Pauli on August 2nd…


Gegengerade opening

Source: Der Übersteiger

Much discussion during the past week about the opening itself  (quite uncertain until Friday afternoom) as well as about the way Club Administration handled the Gegengerade season tickets holders (not enough space for all of them).  The new Gegengerade finally opened for business and it was quite a sight even watching from TV 2500 km away 🙂 People seemed that really enjoyed back to their renovated living room. OK, many things will happen until the project is finished (don’t forget the police station) but for now…simply the Good News of the weekend! Welcome back GG!

Ralph Gunesch

 It was a strange feeling, seeing beloved Ralph Gunesch in FC Ingolstadt 04 colors but we suppose that things seemed far more strange for Ralph itself…  the warm welcome of the FCSP home crowd made everything much easier and Ralph’s thank-you-statement on Facebook (OMG, fuckin hate linking to this fuckin’ page!) says pretty much the whole story 🙂

To Ralph: YNWA!

To the rest of us: better get used to it because thanx to…(stop it right here Greg!) we will witness more scenes like this along the way…

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