DFB Pokal, Round 1: Offenburger FV 0 – FC Sankt Pauli 3

Posted: August 19, 2012 by Zouz in 2012-13
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The usual DFB Pokal fiasco avoided – mission completed

Source: bild.de

Scum asked a question on June 23rd:  “Some brain-food for the end: New season outfits were out today – no third DFB Pokal red kit, as used to, included – why?”. The answer was given yesterday: The already “humiliated” one (two years in a row disqualified from microbrewery squads) was withdrawn in favor…of the glorious 2005-6 season kit which seemed to had a positive influence (we’re joking, right?) on the squad, who had an easy afternoon against Offenburger FV and at the end prevailed easily with 0-3.


A surreal scenery before the game here: while African weather conditions were noticed in Germany, the leftovers of the Scum in (equally hot and empty) Athens, along with a few Athens Club reinforcements (4+2 = a total of 6!) were gathered all together boxed in a living room with air-conditioning working at Moscow temperature levels, in desperate search of a live streaming for the match. Finally, 2 minutes before the game, everything came  in order and everybody relieved from the first problem, got comfortable and ready to face the second one and this time without being able to do something about it: an away 1st round DFB Pokal game! The reason behind it of course, was no other than the last two seasons…

First quarter was just like the FCSP we have seen so far in the league. Nothing remarkable happened (of course, high temperature played a good part), except of the usual Sankt Pauli fan chants and 5-6 people (probably very near to a microphone)…trying to shout stuff like “Scheiss Sankt Pauli” and “H$V” ( 🙂 ) – a little later this bunch somehow went sleeping to awake again towards the end of the game :-). First good chance on 15, when Gogia easily overran his opponent from the left flank and made a straight ball to Thy who made the 180 degree move and directly fired, the host keeper Streif though prevented the goal. Just 2′ later almost the cold shower, when Seger made a party inside our box, only to be stopped by Tschauner. Right when comments about AS have started (the usual Scum stuff), Mahir Saglik  got our attention by dribbling 3-4 unexperienced Offenburger FV defenders within 2 square meters before being stopped again by the host keeper. FCSP increased the pressure – new opportunity on 22′ when a Kalla shot was deflected on Gassmann to a corner just off their left post. Finally, redemption on 23′! Saglik overran again a few opponents on a direct onslaught before stopping to fire the perfect shot to Streif’s left corner – TOR Sankt Pauli!!! The difference between the teams started showing, especially under such hard weather conditions… Streif on 27′ threw away a long tricky Schachten shot and (guess what!) he did  it again on 34′ (Scum MVP) on 34′ but this time against Boll into the killing zone! Nothing really important until half time whistle to everybody’s (at least inside the field) relief 🙂

Saglik after 0-1 (source: mopo.de)

Second half kicked off with heat taking its toll on both squads, affecting most our amateur hosts. Almost nothing until 55′ and a very close 20m shot by Schachten ending just by  Streif’s right post…A series of cramps and substitutions followed, giving the chance for discussions varying from AS (what else?!?) to… Bolt Thrower (!!!) which stopped (for a good reason!) on 68′ when Mahir Saglik again, this time COMPLETELY unguarded, took fool advantage of Ginczek’s (entered the field on 64′) long high pass and scored with a header (!) for the 0-2!!! Even me (the ultra suspicious bastard!) relaxed 🙂 This couldn’t be lost under any circumstances! The final touch was added by Ginczek on 77′ after a Bartels pass between the, already dead from heat, Offenburger FV defenders just like a weekday morning at the training camp. At this point the game was unofficially declared over, a decision to be confirmed by the referee 15′ later 🙂

Saglik after the 2nd (source: badische-zeitung.de, photo: Michael Heuberger)

OK, let’s hold back a little and don’t get overjoyed. This was of course and emphatic win but against an inferior opponent. What the Scum keeps from this match is the qualification which puts an end to the red-kit-DFB-Pokal curse 🙂 Next week, is back on the Liga 2 with a trip to the German Chanchellor’s hometown for a very dangerous mission vs Energie Cottbus (which by the way plays away on Monday for the DFB Pokal vs SV Sandhausen). Winning is a must to further move upwards in the League table but, according to what we’ve seen so far, we’ll be happy with a draw… C’MON YOU BOYS IN BROWN!!! Make the Scum put its predictions down its throat!!!

Yes, we know we have posted this before but JUST LOOK! It’s a classic 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Saglik (23′, Left shot, Assist: Kalla)

0:2 Saglik (68′, Header, Assist: Ginczek)

 0:3 Ginczek (77′, Right shot, Assist: Bartels)

Spectators: 10000

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (good work again!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit: http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/dfbpokal/spielrunde/dfb-pokal/2012-13/1/1440309/spielbericht_offenburger-fv-5303_fc-st-pauli-18.html

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